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Lets talk cricket again

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    Lets talk cricket again

    Olympics are over once again Pakistan has failed to win a medal. During the olympics we did not share much on cricket But now with ICC tournament starting what are your views. About the team selection and our chances.
    We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!

    Its going to be tough but pakistan will meet the winner of the Newzeland & Zimbabwe match, just came from watching the NZ and Zim match from Zim and let me tell you something, both team looked impressing. Zimbawe won the match and the series and these guys play each other again in Kenya.

    If Pakistan keeps doing good, they might meeet australia in the finals.

    Thank you, come again

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      Correction Umair, it's the winner of the Sri Lanka vs. West Indies match meets Pakistan.

      Seriously, I think Sri Lanka have the best chances of winning. With probably a great batting lineup, compared to Australia.
      Remember this is ODI not Tests, so they have a good chance of winning.
      Watch for players like Jayawardene, and Jayasuria's opening batting. Partnerships are a need if you are facing tough bowling competetors like Pakistan, Australia.

      For Pakistan to win, yes our bowling is already powerful. With Wasim Akram back, and SAQLAIN(maybe satisfy spinners?).

      Watch out, probably the best match of the tornament will be Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka. Very close encounter. Sri Lanka have the psycological power of Pakistan because of the Singer Trophey, but you can never trust the Pakistani's, some day we're on top of the world, the other bottom. It'll be good batting vs. good bowling. Fielding will have to be 100% correct for a poor fielding team like Pakistan.

      Inshallah we'll come out the winner of the torney.

      Pakistan Zindabad!


        Thanks PC.
        Don't forget to mention Shoaib Akhtar is also in the lineup, we'll see how he makes his comeback.
        Pakistan is going to have to play really seriously this time because if they loose once they're out of the tournament.
        The batting has to be really solid, specially the openers, I prefer Imran and Saeed Anwar rather then Afridi.
        The bowling lineup also has to be strong, Wasim Akram, Saqlain, Shoaib, Waqar, Mushy, and others, if you look at it, Pakistan has the best bowling lineup in the world today or ever will be.
        Its going to be tough, specially SL, RSA, or the Aussies, everyone else is going to be piece of cake.

        Thank you, come again


          Umair yaar shoaib akhtar is not playing....who told ya he is in....

          Besides guys dont worry....pak will beat lanka.....take my word for it.....the r nice and pumped for the tournament and I think lanka would never be matached against paki.....paki bowling is just way way too classy

          compare wasim against Vaas!!!!u gotta be joking guys
          all pakis have to do is win toss and bat and put 250 plus on board
          we will do great!!!insha allah
          all they gotta do is play marli a bit carefully and just plan to get 40 odd runs of his ten and rest will be good.....he is the lankans only r just side bowler...

          have u guys forgotten even akram dada scored couple of centuries against lankans......and he bats all the way down at 9!!!
          man just think honestly if pakis play to their best ability then they will kick ass.....

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