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    Think....India & Pakistan

    What we are seeing now is a pretty common site.
    Every four years, we are die-hard hockey fans for 10 days. Sometimes, in those days, tennis, boxing, weightlifting can occasionally be there in our favourite sports' list (for 2-3 days)!!!

    Once a while, we have a chess mania (when anand beats fritz) or squash fever (when jansher comes back strongly against world's younger crop).

    For rest of our lives, we know nothing except cricket.....

    a few days ago, Dhanraj Pillay replaced Anand as the highest paid Indian sportsperson......excluding cricketers!! I think at least a dozen cricketers are paid much more than him. For what???

    India & Pak are two big names in match-fixing. Aussies are there, too. but anyway, Aussie swimmers & tennis-players are breaking world records & cricket is their 4th most popular sport.

    Have you ever seen Dhanraj or Mukesh or Sohail Abbas or Kamran Ashraf on TV ads?
    are they less talented than Afridi or Sunil Joshi??...................

    Think over it!

    Good Post...u raise pertinent questions ?