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End of an Era ( Dan Marino)

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    End of an Era ( Dan Marino)

    Well, his number 13 was retired tonight during a flashing ceremony which took place during the half-time of Dolphins-Ravens game.
    Yes, Danny was the best of all QBs, whether it was his fourth quarter 'come-back' heroics, his lightining quick releases, or his record breaking ethics..there will not be no other Dan Marino.

    I think the best part of his speech was when he mentioned that the record he is most proud of is the 'Longest and winningest QB-coach relationship ' one.

    John Elway is regarded as the American favorite son, and I think history will remmember Dan Marino as the true American-football legend who holds a class of his own.

    Yes, it was a flashy ceremony. Dan was not well-served by his recent Miami teams which suffered from both poor receivers and running backs.

    Not to take anything away from Marino or Elway, but I have to say Joe Montana still has that special coveted title as best QB.


      Yes I agree with you. Joe Montans is someone who we all watched playing football and someone our generation can relate..

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        True..Marino is a stand alone legacy. His records wont be broken anytime soon. And his demeanor and the way he carried himself put him above other athletes, even without mentioning his on the field heroics. Despite lacking speed, agility, or physical prowess, he managed to use his wit and mental superiority to hit targets and overcome his deficiency in other aspects. He is one of a kind, and wont be replaced easily.

        I personally think Steve Young to be the best quarterback I have seen in a long time, because of his ability to do just about everything. Montana had tremendous protection, as did Marino, cause these two could not run, could not handle sacks, and could not do much other than hit a dime a mile away. But Steve Young, the way he always got hit, the way he ran, the way he passed, I think it perhaps made him the best all around quarterback I've known.


          And how about the new breed of the QBs. The position has made a handsome recovery in the past few years. Try telling Jim Fiedler that he's got Marino's shoes to fill and he would simply shrug it off. And what a pro-like performance by Tim Couch of the Cleveland Browns in the game against the Steelers; over three hundred yards with 4 TD passes. Shaun King's led offence has made Bucs the best team in the NFC. Peyton Manning deosn't need any recommendation. And who could have guessed three years ago that Kurt Warner would appear out of nowhere and lead the Rams to the Super-Bowl victory.
          Then, there are vetrans like Drew Bledsoe and Brett Favre..I think QB position will be in safe hands for some time to come.


            If you ever want to talk about a guy who could hit a man 40 yards away, but do nothing else, I would have to pick Chris Chandler - when he was an Oiler, he made throws Warren Moon could only dream of. Yet, Chandler kept getting injured, and couldn't run worth a darn.

            Young and Favre are, I think, the greatest QBs of the 90's (Young almost always had his QB rating over 100, and Favre was a 3 time MVP).

            Oh, and I would add Dante Culpepper to your list of good future QBs.