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Pakistan can't win any medal in olympics

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    Pakistan can't win any medal in olympics

    Sorry guys but it is a fact

    When the manager says the team aint gonna be on the victory stands, its coming true step by step and is evident

    Pakistan has no standing in any olympic sport and does it matters to our government if we win a medal or not. i dont think so that they care even a tiny bit

    We should'nt have send our hockey team if it was sure that they cant win. I think in their place 20 young and bright athletes/ swimmers/ divers/ bikers/ wrestlers/ boxers could have been given a chance to try out their luck and get some olympic experience

    The commentator was telling about the incentives given by other countries for winning a medal, $100,000 WOW

    Even not looking at the rewards they have much better facilities, training and will than us. They start to encourage the new gen right at the school level and the scholarships are a real interest builder. Its bout time someone did something better, dont you think so...

    No matter what, at least the team is trying. You shouldn't dis the hockey players. I agree that they are not like they use to be couple years back, we should have patience. Every team has their down point.
    For example in cricket, I remember couple years back after the 96 world cup, Pakistan was in their worst moment, then Pakistan climed their way back up and they were the runners up last year's world cup.

    Thank you, come again



      Umair, thanx for your reply

      I guess what you said is right and we should wait for the revival of the team, but is'nt it time that we gave other sports a chance. All the sports fund goes to Cricket or Hockey, which are team sports and just by FU of a few players the team loses. I think its time to revert to single person competition.