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Sultan Khan: Asia's first chess grandmaster.

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    Sultan Khan: Asia's first chess grandmaster.

    How many of u know that Asia's first chess grandmasted came from British India. He was from Punjab and was a servant with king there. This part of Punjab is now in Pakistan so Pakistanis could call him Pakistani or Indians could call him Indian since he was in unified India.

    When king went to visit England for vacation, Sultan Khan went with him, played the British Championship and won convincingly in 1929, 32,33.

    He was illiterate and did not know anything about openings and technique.

    He was short, skinny and did not cope up well with British weather. He died in 1933.

    It was interesting that some visitors to king would wanting to play Sultan Khan. So he will be beating them thoroughly in 18-20 moves and serving them food and drinks same time since he was a servant.

    sorry, my mistake.. he did not die in 33. king took him back to punjab in 33 and he never played international chess after that. he spent rest of life as a farmer. he was invited at international tournaments but was too poor to attend.