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    A great game

    I will type the complete chess game that was played in 1866 because it is so lovely. Brilliant sacrifices of queen and rooks, great attacks and playing against book (caution: dont try it urself.) Such games tell u why one cant improve the game beyond a level, irrespective of how many books u read.

    Anderssen vs Kiesertsky

    1) e4 .... e5
    2) f4 .... e*f4
    3) Bc4 ... Qh4ch
    4) Kf1 ... b5
    5) B*b5 ... Nf6
    6) Nf3 ... Qh6
    7) d3 ... Nh5
    8) Nh4 ... Qg5
    9) Nf5 ... c6
    10) Rg1! .. c*B5
    11) g4 ... Nf6
    12) h4 ... Qg6
    13) h5 ... Qg5
    14) Qf3 .. Ng8
    15) B*f4 .. Qf6
    16) Nc3.. Bc5
    17) Nd5 .. Q*b2
    18) Bd6! .. Q*a1ch
    19) Ke2 .. B*g1
    20) e5! .. Na6
    21) N*g7ch .. Kd8
    22) Qf6ch! .. N*f6
    23) Be7 mate!!!!

    ullo yaar! how would u rate chessmaster 7000? r u just a chess fan or play it on international level?


      Just a chess fan, yaar.. i am not even rated, have participated in tournament when i was in college and like but that is about it.

      About chess program u asked, I donno. But computer programs are very good these days. 10 years ago, any sacrifice would fox these materialistic beasts. No longer.

      But I am reading about chess these days so that I can enjoy the game better and perhaps play better.