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Imran Nazir!

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    Imran Nazir!

    Is he a long term solution, replacing Anwar!!
    How is he going to perform on bouncy tracks!
    Is he consistent enough to cement his place in the side??

    Your remakrs plz.......

    Btw where is maniax these days!
    This khail khilari section is so quiet these days!!!come ppl get yr fingures moving.....sports is one of few things we r world-beater at!!!

    yaar def he is a class player and as an opener one needs to be aggressive and thats one department he doesnt lack in .. may be some times he is over aggressive but he is an opener and an opener needs to be like that.. he is a replacement for anwer and he has proved that again and again by giving us math winning performances... he is still young and will mature and with guide from anwar himslef will turn himself into a world class batsmen.
    anwar had to fight to get back into the team himsel during the time that he was out becoz of imran nazirf
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      Imran Nazir is a great batsman but I don't think he will be the replacement for Saeed Anwar. Right now Pakistan is lacking of openers and the only 2 people they had were Shahid Afridi (LAPARO) and Saeed Anwar and the way Imran is playing I don't think he will be off the team for sometime.

      Thank you, come again


        Like Youhana before him in 98/99, Imran Nazir is definitely this year's Find of the year.

        The kid has a lot of talent, and should now spend more time on developing his game on faster tracks. If he maintains the right approach, he has a long successful career ahead of him.

        I agree with rizwan about his aggressiveness. It's bang on for the job, very much like Aamir Sohail, on-the-field-wise anyway.


          Imran Nazir, Pakistan's young talented batsman. Wow..... what great shots he plays.

          Now Pakistan needs what? It needs only superb opening start by Saeed Anwar playing slowly and at the other hand Imran playing aggressively.

          A lot of encouragment should be given to this young batsmen by every member of the team so that he improves everytime.


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            He's such a sweety, I think he should stay !
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              He is a superb batsman at a very young age , but I don't like the way Klusener looks at him after getting some hammering , NOBODY LOOK AT US LIKE THAT .


                Imran Nazir is talented player with lots of potential....but if continues to squander all opportunities by being so reckless all the time, he will suffer the same fate as Afridi. Look at Afridi.... so talented, yet even after sticking with the national teams for so many years now, he still isn't able to cement his place in the playing 11. Thats a tragedy.

                Saeed Anwar, well, thats a class act. You can't compare Saeed with these kids. But they are bright and may come through if they apply themselves.

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                  Is he a long term solution, replacing Anwar!!

                  Well yes as anwar will retire after the 2003 world cup.

                  How is he going to perform on bouncy tracks!

                  Well he whipped Walsh and Ambrose in the WI and now that is a boucy track, both off and on the cricket field.

                  Is he consistent enough to cement his place in the side??

                  Very much so as he is more talented than Afridi and a better stroke player compared to Wasti.
                  He is a perfect partner and repalcement for Saeed Anwar.

                  About Afridi, he sucks, he is a pinch hitter with no class and no skill.
                  He can't play shots or strokes.
                  He whacks the ball around.
                  He is good at that.
                  But i would say Razzaq and Mahmood are better batsman than him.

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                    Let the time be the judge I think he is better than the rest of younger lot except Yousaf Youhana. He is not great though.
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