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    Umair bro..i wasnt referring to rugby at any time. I was talking about the NFL throughout when i said its watched in asia and europe. And true, NFL europe is mostly played by american players, but its watched by a huge european audience, not empty crowds. And Japan has a huge market for american football, as does Australia. Dont know about New Zealand, but i have heard of a couple of players from australia playing in the NFL here.
    I think it has more to do with marketing than the interest of people involved. The american media has a unique way of marketing its products, tv shows and sports throughout the world, which is why they tend to stand out in every market. You go to Pakistan, and everyone knows who Michael Jordan is, but noone knows who the star player for Manchester United is. The Japanese love Joe Montana. Its all about exposure. Cricket is such an old game, and still its played by no more than 10 countries.


      any cowboys fan here????? as depressed as i am.


        Right Akif bhai. Yaar Umair, i wasn't refering to Rugby, because Rugby is #2 in the World.
        About NFL in the world, for instance, just recently Japan and Australia hosted a NFL match with two NFL teams. The Stadium was jam packed.

        You take Pakistan vs. Australia, and not even the whole stadium was even full for a ODI. Reason - Cricket takes too long to play. People have a life to live, jobs, school, 8 hours of cricket is just too much. Cricket is one of the best sports, if they actually fixed it up by a LOT. So many countries play it, but not even one person goes to watch those countries play.

        Maybe those developing cricket countries should be invited to countries like Australia, South Africa, and play in Tri Nation series with the 10 countries. Practice makes better.

        Cricket should advertise a lot, gain sponsership, etc. How you may ask? I dunno that yet.

        But the main factor is, cricket is in a failure period, it needs help fast. While other sports are progressing, cricket seems to be dropping.