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Serious Issue in Cricket

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    Serious Issue in Cricket

    The Future.

    Ok now I love cricket with all my heart and desire and wouldn't like this game to be held behind the shadow. But the ICC at the moment seems not to even care about the future of cricket.

    For instance, it takes 15-20 years for a test country to become valid.

    Not many countries play ODI's with major international cricket countries.

    Need more younger audience in every country, not just South Asia.

    How come the World Cup only had 12 teams? What type of WORLD Cup is that?

    Where are the flood lights in every stadium? And the color clothing, with passionate supporters?

    Ok, I want cricket to compare with Football, or at least stay world renoun. Not just a SOUTH Asian sport, it should be taken with passion from all the countries.

    How can we get other countries to be involved in International cricket?

    What really makes me mad is the fact, the ICC claims to be helping the other countries, but they won't include them in any of the tornaments played with 3 nations located in other countries.

    To improve ones skill, one should play against harder teams, and practice, practice, practice!

    When people give me figures of how popular cricket is, I think their pretty stupid for the fact, that half the population is from only South Asia. Will cricket only last in south asia forever?

    I for one hate those old folks that work at Lords, and criticize every shot made, with their stupid cup of tea, watching a test match.

    What about the younger generation? Seems everyone is after fast moving action now, since the world is travelling fast and doing everything by the snap of a finger.
    NO ONE has time to sit in front of the television and watch 8-9 hours of cricket a day for 5 days (Test Match).
    Unless your like one of those useless Desi's in India and Pakistan, who have nothing else to do all day.

    To tell you the truth, ODI's are pretty long too.. 8 hours of cricket????? Man, we all have a life here to live too. Many people just watch the first 10 overs, and watch the last 10 overs.

    Like I said, the world is getting really advanced, which means something should be done about cricket. It's future can be on the line....

    P.S. No offence to any of my cricket buds here, PAKISTAN ZINDABAD. Btw Pakistan will win the ICC Knockout Trophy, Inshallah.

    How interested ICC is in cricket's development? Check this
    Few days back I was reading an interview of Tauqir Zia in which he said that he proposed the idea of having both neutral umpires the ICC refused by saying that it will cost it a lot. Only thing people at the ICC are concerned with is the money and how to destroy cricket in the Asian rejion particularly in India and Pakistan. If they can not adress such a serious issue just because they do not want to spend money what can one expect from them. Cricket is on its own. The only thing they can do is make stupid laws and that is it because making laws do not cost a penny.
    We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!


      ICC really sux
      evern ACB is more powerful then'em!!
      "Verily, I am leaving behind two precious things among you: the Book of God and my kindred, my household..(Sahi Muslim, Hadith Thaqalayn is narrated by thirty plus Companions of the Prophet)