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Pak in the Finals!

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    Pak in the Finals!

    Pakistan defeated South Africa to qualify for the finals of Singapore Challenge. Pakistan won the toss and decided to bat first and made the score of 227 runs in 9 wickets and the highest from Ijaz Ahmed of 56 runs.
    Then South Africa failed to chase the score of 228 and were all out in 199 runs.
    That means Pakistan are in the finals.
    I would love to see pakistan meet S.Africa in the finals because of what S.Africa did to them in Srilanka couple months back.
    The final will be on the 27th.

    Thank you, come again


    pakistani team is mashallah looking very good lately ... the young guns are performing
    well and they are winning without our three big guns, Wasim, Moin and Saqlain.

    no wonder India got scared and pulled out of the Sahara cup.


      oye bhola u forgot to mention INZI DADA and SAEED BHAI!


        yes inzi is a big gun too aswell as saeed and cannot be missed out .. but its goood to see that we are playing good with out them.. its also really good for waqar younis would be great if we win the finals aswell and hence undefeated in the singapoor challenge which would def make waqar feel proud of himself even though it is a team sport
        I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by



          oh i didnt know that those two are not playing either .... wow ... impressive.

          i think pakistan can have two teams, and both can make some noise