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Pakistani players Sexual Misconduct

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    Pakistani players Sexual Misconduct

    Yeah well you've all must have heard about the 3 players and their girls in Karachi. What a bunch of fags man.. really pissed me off since Pakistan is representing a Islamic Country out of all those White countries in Cricket, and every Pakistani wants to have a good reputation.

    Just because of one player, we get humilated.

    The rumoured players are Shahid Afridi, Atiq-uz-Zaman and Hasan Raza. I knew that Afridi was trouble..

    Well then, I just hope they found some decent girls that were beautiful at least.. or what a waste of time.

    Advisory Council to Discuss Players Misadventure

    I am sure ATiq is one of them
    am not sure about hasan raza, he is a desent boy as far as i know....

    afridi is going to be dead if he is one of them....4 sure!
    Sidq-e-Khalil bhi hay ishqe sabr-e-Husayn bhi hay ishq
    Mārika-e-wujud main Badr-o-Hunayn bhi hay ishq