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Ju-Jitsu in Pakistan

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    Ju-Jitsu in Pakistan

    Do u know the Ju-Jitsu in Pakistan
    the very first action taken from Pakistan Ju-Jitsu Federation first time in Asia...

    watch out.


    do u live in Pakistan

    UmMm ThOrE fUrMp


      THE FIRST Asian Championship on September 22-23 will be the official qualifying event for World Games 2001 in Akita, Japan, said the sport's international governing body, JJIF.
      The event in the last of week of September will also be a warm-up for November's world championship in Copenhagen, Denmark.

      Ju-jitsu takes its roots from the Far East, but the sport was for a time overlooked as a separate discipline with the emergence of karate, judo, aikido and other martial arts each focusing on different traits offered by ju-jitsu.

      Now - somewhat ironically - the ancient art is being reintroduced into Asia from its strong European base. Its emergence and following in Pakistan is symptomatic of this trend.

      Many top athletes from around the globe will attend the Asian Open training camp - also in Lahore - over September 23-30. The official invitation has already been floated to the members of JJIF by the organizing committee of ju-jitsu Gala 2000.

      for more information
      visit <the official website of JJIF>

      Free Training Camp is started from 14th of August if you would like to participate please send your enquiry at : [email protected]