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SA varsity invites Cronje to lecture on ethics

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    SA varsity invites Cronje to lecture on ethics

    PRETORIA: Disgraced South African cricket captain Hansie Cronje has been invited as a guest lecturer in sports ethics at a university here, but would not be paid for the job, the institution said on Tuesday.

    ``Cronje could, as a community service, share his experiences of temptation and corruption with students who would gain priceless insight into the nature and mechanics of corruption,'' Pretoria Technikon (technical university) spokeswoman Rene Uys said.

    ``It is rare to have the opportunity of studying high profile individuals in scandals of the magnitude of `Hansiegate' and such opportunities should be grasped,'' she said.

    The Technikon had not yet received a formal reply from him to its invitation, Uys said. ``No remuneration whatsoever is envisaged should Cronje become involved.''

    Cricket-loving South Africa was last month rocked by revelations before a commission of inquiry into match-fixing that Cronje, who was fired in April, on five occasions took money from gamblers and bookmakers between 1996 and 2000.

    ``Cronje's potential involvement should not be seen as an attempt to exonerate him, but rather to expose the insidious mechanics of corruption for study and prevention purposes. Education is the best and most lasting form of prevention.''

    The Technikon said it believed pro-active and innovative educational initiatives were vital for highlighting specific issues in sport, and also for directly combating corruption in general.

    ``This is especially the case for emerging sporting talents, for whom the Cronje saga would be a striking lesson on the perils of temptation and corruption.``