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ICC appoints racist cop to investigate match-fixing

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    ICC appoints racist cop to investigate match-fixing

    Paul Condon was the chief of metropolitan police who claimed it was ok to stop and search black people on the spot because black people committed more crimes than other nationalities.

    I expect his clean up cricket campaign to centre on the sub-continent. The ICC and cricket in general is a joke.

    God save the Queen.

    ICC itself supports racism. If not than why the investigations will start from the world cup matches of Pakistan that are totally based on hearsay. Why not from Australia? The bouncer laws and many other are made against us. One issue or the other is always there when ever it seems that the team is playing well. Be it ball tempring matchfixing or any other. Why the issue of ball tempering creep up always when the team is doing well. Why white people always succeed in humilating Pakistan the reason is they get enormous support from the Mr exceptionally cleans of Pakistan.
    We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!