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Euro 2000: England vs. Germany

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    Euro 2000: England vs. Germany

    1-0 England beats Germany after 15 years.
    Alan Shearer isn't too old afterall.. without him England wouldn't have scored. And what's up with Owen now? Is he slumping downwards?
    I suppose Carsten Jancker wasn't much of a replacment for Bierhoff. Every time Jancker had the ball, he shot it wide. The guy could have scored when he had that open net, but missed.
    Germany's strikers were just missing, not because of England's defence but wide.

    Now that makes Germany must win their next game or they can go back home, same for Romania, and England.

    What do you guys think the outcome will be in Group A?

    yahooooooooooooooooooooo engerland wonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!

    i thought it was the first win in 34 years but mebbe im wrong....

    this is my opinion, i knwo nohting abt footy tho:-p i though england played badly to star twiht improving in the latter part of hte ast half, but they won i think more coz germany played badly rather then england being anythign special

    Id like to think england get through to the quarter finals tho, that would b awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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      Owen's not the performer he used to be but even so, I don't think he's in too serious of a slump. His first-half header attempt today was well done.

      The heart of the problem is England's midfield. Sure, Becks is brilliant, but it amazes me no end how Keegan cannot capitalize on Owen's pace. Take France's example, Anelka and Henry are both speedy, and their midfield regularly gives them openings. Owen's much faster then either of the two, but he's not gettin much feed from the centre.


        It is England's first win over Germany in competitive football since the world Cup final of 1966. So its actually has been 34 years since England last beat Germany in competitive football.

        I think its gonna be England & portugal, probably portuguese would top the group...but then again, they played great against england but were lucky against Romania... So maybe their luck will ride them high over to top of Group A or what do you guys think ?


          I think that England missed Steve McManaman in the midfield in this game. He is the type of guy who can take on defenses and can come down either flank...but then German's missed Bierhoff...and really dont have any killer forward who can finish the job. So Germans look likely to plunge out of the quaters come their next game.

          I personally think that Emile Heskey or Robbie Fowler should play along Shearer cuz they have much more variety in their offense then Owen. But I aint the England coach.


            The problem with England is that they took coaches out too often, I mean one can get in have a vision and start forming a team with that in mind, and by the time you have paid the price for the experiment and the team is coming together some clown will mess it up.

            I still see no reason why they had to get rid of Venebles or Hoddle. I hope the same fate does not affect Keegan.

            I think England PLayed well especially aginst a very technical team like germany. Adams and Mcmannaman were missed. Only question I have of Keegan is why Andy Cole was not brought in, he is a much more dangerous player then Owen or Fowler. After Shearer retires, i bet Cole will join the atatck.

            What saddens me is the Yobs, the steipid hooligans that keep giving english football a bad name. The sad bit is that if they screw up again, the english team gets punished as well as the countless fans who are rooting for their team. As the FA people have said, there has to be a boundary, how much can a football association of a county be punished for the failure of the country's government to block hooligans from getting out of the country. How does it affect the morale of the team knowing that they can try hard and win their next game and yet still get booted out due to actions of their countrymen whom they have no control over.

            What a shame..I really feel that UK govt should get very strict on these guys and football hooliganism be made a part of their permanent criminal record and the severity of the punishment be increased a few notches.

            Good job english team, sod off hooligans..
            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


              Andy Cole is not even in the 22 man squad for Euro2000. Definitely need experience upfront with Sheraer there. But thats a whole different issue.

              As for you all who saw Shearer & Sheringham playing together upfront for England, they were very penetrative.


                This is a bit after the fact but the FA has more politics than BCCI in Pakistan.
                Glen Hoddle had a great record and was doing great but was effectively forced out by Tony Blair Witch Project..the Prime Minister just because he had uttered some words that the two bit tabloids got all over. Venebles was a great coach but faced similar fate. The FA cronies who have never kicked a football in their lives run it like some shrivelled old bureacracy in their own image.

                if a coach does not win the damn cup, he is not regards to team building time frame..heck look at France the team that failed to qualify for world cup after world cup but did a great job in team building and now are undisputed leaders.

                They took out the under21 team coach due to personal differnces between his style and that expcted by the FA. He always maintained that he did not want to structure the game of youngsters too much because he wants them to develop their own flair and style on an international level because no team needs clones who play in the same style..because thats the team which is predictible by its competitors and beaten. With a great record he was removed because that old fart in the FA office wanted to run the under21 team like a military bootcamp...and sacrifice talent and flair for uniformity.

                I like Keegan, I think he can make this team a force to reckon with in a few years, btu nukber 1 the two bit cheap tabloids need to get off his back and the FA needs to be cleaned out a bit and some football veterans should be the decision makers.

                and Tony Blair Witch...quit mucking about with coach selection and all and control the smeghead hooligans...that is your responsibility and not the FA's. Let FA handle its responsibility and you handle yours...wanker.
                The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.