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    FRANCE WINS EURO 2000!!!!!!

    Splendid game.. proves to you that the games not over until the ref says so.
    Italy had scored in the first half, causing lots of tension for France but man o man.. 90th min, in extra time, basically 20 seconds left of it, BOOM THERE'S A GOAL. Toldo might have been able to stop that.
    Imagine Paris at that time.

    Then in extra time, well i thought it would lead to penalties but what a game it turned out to be. The tables totally turned in a minute and France had scored a goal to win it.
    Italy just got over confident, especially the players and the team on teh sideline. But anything can happen.. and it did ;-)

    Unlike Cricket this is not a game of chance.

    Well done France, especially Zidane. Now no one can say they aren't #1 in the world.

    Congrats to France but that was a real tough match to watch as a big Italian supporter . . I've still got that dull thud I get when Pakistan loses an important cricket match!

    Italy played really well in the final but France played better than Italy overall in the tournament so I guess they probably deserved to win. Although all the attention in the French side was turned to Zidane, he didn't really do much this final cuz of the Italian defence on him nearly all the time!

    NOT a game of chance?! I disagree completely! Think France was waaaaay lucky to get that goal in 20 seconds before end of time . . . but well, that's life!

    God Bless,


      No doubt it was a great match. But I still think Holland deserved to win this tournament.