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    Beware of Indians

    Beware of Indian bookies, cautions Pak manager

    COLOMBO: The manager of the Pakistani cricket team on Monday said that the authorities around the world should guard against Indian bookies as they are the root cause of match-fixing.

    "You should do something about these Indian gamblers and their agents who are responsible for bringing disrepute to the noble game," Brig (retired) Mohammad Nasir told reporters ahead of the triangular one-day series that involves South Africa, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

    "Everyone is blaming Hansie for what happened, but the root cause is the Indian bookies. You take them out and the problem will be solved," Nasir said.

    "Hansie is at least honest and admitted what happened, but what steps are being taken to see that the Indian bookies are stopped from operating," Nasir said. "This is a total disgrace to the game and it is being done by the Indians."

    Cronje has named Indians who offered him money to influence cricket matches. The former captain is being investigated in South Africa.

    Well, that's quite a stupid thing to say! There are bookies all over the place - can't players just say NO to them?! And then go and tell their board and the ICC so they can deal with them? Of course they should attempt to get rid of all the bookies but it's not fair to say that the players aren't entirely to blame for their own actions - they are!

    God Bless,

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      The comments made by Mr Nasir depicts the typical army thinking. India is responsible for everything. At a time when India is helping Pakistan at ICC, it was a stupid yhing to say. In my opinion officials are to be blammed more than players. When this controversy stated they did not took any step to stop or help players out of it. At some stage in our life we need help from others. I think the aim must be to stop this kind of thing from happening in future. it should not be condemening others. We must forgive and forget what has happened and let us go on with the game. If these players have heart the fans we must not forget they have given tromendous joy to us as well. Cricket is a lovely game let us enjoy it. I am sure this scandle will be history soon.
      We don't forget...its' just that life goes on!