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Italy def Holland.

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    Italy def Holland.

    Italy beats Holland to go to the Finals of the Euro 2000. It wasn't the kind of semi final that I thought it would be but it was good enough.The score was 0-0 for the first 90 minutes of the game and for the both halfs of the extra time but then later on Italy beating Holland in the Penalty kick session to win the match. I think Holland played much better than Italy through out the whole game, they had the ball in their posession most of the time but missing 2 Penalty kicks caused them the whole match.
    Finals prediction, France will beat Italy.

    Itlay didn't beat Holland, Holland beat themselfs.

    It's true, how many times, yes how many times did you see the ball get stopped by Tolda? How many times were there open plays and the Dutch messed it up by shooting it wide? Question is why couldn't they just score before? Come on, they missed two penelties, how embaressing is that.
    It was basically 70% possion of the Dutch, and it was just Dutch against the Italy defense.

    Now you have to congrat the Italian defence because of their efforts to stop the dutch everytime, with one player less. This was not the game for Italy to win, but rules are rules and the Italians won in penelities.

    And What's with the Dutch's De Boer (captain)? He knew he would be under lots of pressure if he took another penelty and he choked, and missed again. The shot should have been taken from Davids.

    Yes France will beat the Italians, the same way they beat Portugal, extending their midfield to stop people like Del Peiro, Inzaghi and Totti. Zidane and Bartez will be a big factor and win the MVP of the torney.