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Euro 2000: Quarter Final Predictions - Sat and Sun

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    Euro 2000: Quarter Final Predictions - Sat and Sun

    So the Quarters are awaiting us:

    Turkey vs. Portugal - Saturday - June 24
    My Pick: Turkey with the hyped Haken Sukur will come through from a 1-0 defiset to win 2-1. Luis Figo won't be much pressure in this match.

    Italy vs. Romania - Saturday - June 24
    My Pick: Italy with the help of their over powered offense will win 3-1. Delpiro might even score 2. Hagi of Romania will play and cause the team to play every ball to him. Bad choice, as the team can do better without him.

    Netherlands vs. Yugoslavia - Sunday - June 25
    My Pick: The most intense, offensive game of the quarters, both teams love scoring. Both teams are known for their offence but not denfence. Although Yugoslavia is too old, many players over 30, with Netherlands with many youngersters, i predict a Netherlands win with a 3-3 into penalties, Dutch winning 4-3 in that.

    Spain vs. France - Sunday - June 25
    My Pick: Now the Spanish aren't as good as their clubs. They need some more international experience. Don't expect them to be some fancy team against France, they beat Yugoslavia because Yugoslavia was getting lazy. France is a team known for it's midfield, and strong offence. I expect a French win, with a 2-0. Raul and the boys need some more years of work to handle the French.

    Overall it's going to be a lot of goals scoring Quarters with the offensive teams. You witnessed it yourself in the round robin, doubling the amount from Euro 96.

    Who you think will win?

    Yeah, the Quarter-finals are going to be pretty entertaining stuff.

    Turkey vs. Portugal
    My Pick: If Arif can create good opps and the likes of Sukur feed off them, 2-1 to Turkey.

    Italy vs. Romania
    My Pick: Almost definitely an Italy win. 2-0

    Netherlands vs. Yugoslavia
    My Pick: Yugoslavia strong in offence and Netherlands quick on their feet. Quite evenly matched but Yugoslavia might take it by 1.

    Spain vs. France - Sunday - June 25
    My Pick: Zidane, Henry and Anelka. The key in an overall very organized side. Should take it 2-0.