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Euro 2000: TURKEY BEATS BELGIUM!!! :-))))))

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    Euro 2000: TURKEY BEATS BELGIUM!!! :-))))))

    YES, Turkey beats Belgium 2-0.

    Although Turkey kind of didn't get the win by being the better team today, Belgium just got unluckey 20 times! Also Rüstü Reçber has been improving each game after the Italy encounter. He was amazing.

    Hakan Sükür is finally out of his little goal slump by scoring two great goals. Did you see the first goal? It was the defenders fault there, for retreating for a few seconds, giving Sükür the opportunity to go for the high head.

    How about Mpenza? That guy must be having nightmares tonight. He just couldn't get the ball in the net. Same for the rest of the Belgium team.

    I was also wondering another thing, you know the red card De Wilde got, was that intentional or by accedent? Arif is probably fine, hopefully.

    I don't care how they do it.. but the bottom line is Turkey took the win, anything will do to go into the Quarters. Big accomplishment from Euro 96, not even winning a game.

    Kind of blank for the Euro 2000 comittee having the co-hosts out so early in the tourny. So next match on Saturday is vs. Portugal eh?

    Portugal isn't that amazing, from what i've seen. Sure will be a good battle with Turkey.
    Also Italy even though they are #1 in Group B, have it harder, either facing England, Germany or Romania. Although Romania isn't that big of a challange than the other two, sure will look interesting.

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    Apart from Mpenza and Nilis, Belgium's attack is pretty plain most times, so Turkey's aggressive play should've gotten them the win.

    Well done Turkey, with Galatassary's brilliant run this year, the onus was on them to perform. Let's hope they continue the good work.


      Yesssssssss! HAKAN SUKUR is da grrreatest goal scorer in dat was a good match!



        yea...just caught one cool on the screen...they were playing really well