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Lakers V.S. 5

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    Lakers V.S. 5

    What a humiliating defeat for the lakers!! i didn't expect them to lose so bad...
    final points: L.A. 87, Indiana 120
    Kobe had only 8, shaq had 35...2 many turnovers, poor defence and poor shooting...the lakers couldn't have done worse
    as for the pacers, everything seemed to be going their way...rose and miller had 59 points combined...were shooting over 90% at the free throw line, and had a 67% scorin avg from the floor...

    as i predicted, this is goin to game 6...let's see if i guessed right again, and L.A. wins in monday night to take the series (hopefully giving a much better performance than they did today)

    oh btw, thought i'd mention this as well...for both teams, every Tom Dick and Harry was on the scoreboard...and the pacers had 5 players who had points in 2le figures...
    Larry bird had said that they are gonna win this one, and they sure did...convincingly...