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Eng v Portugal......EURO 2000

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    Eng v Portugal......EURO 2000


    well u all know Euro 2000's on so yesterday Eng played Portugal........and guess who won?

    Yo! Portugal

    Portugal 3/Eng 2 hehehe!

    England basically sucks. What's so special about England that everyone brags about? England is rated #12 in the world, and just barily made it through the Euro Qualifiers with 13 points tied with Poland but went by because of more goals scored.

    The England vs. Germany game is pathetic, England is missing now half of their team and lost a game, Germany is a bunch of old people and tied. Disapointing.
    The game to look out for are every game in Group D, especially France vs. Netherlands and France vs. Crech Republic.


      Originally posted by Peoples Champ:
      England basically sucks. What's so special about England that everyone brags about? England is rated #12 in the world.
      #12 ranking in the world aint too shabby is it?

      I see england going through an overdue development phase. They have done well but just not good enough in past. There always were a few teams better than them...Holland may be a contender now, but recall the thrashing they took from England last time.

      as much as I am a fan of david Seaman, he needs to go. and so does shearer, great guy, good player..but his time has come. They made the same mistake playing teddy sheringham for way too long...even though robbie fowler and andy cole and the greatest english striker to never have made the team...yeah..I am talking bout our former gunner striker..same went for people like collymoore.

      Coaching makes a difference, and as much as he was bad mothed, Venebales was a good coach.

      If you look at England's 22, you may notice that Keegan has decided to add many new faces to the squad. Any team needs that but the transition from the old guard to the new faces is always tough. France went through it and did not play in 2 world cups, and then to come and win it all. Germany will be going through the same.

      Italy...the team which has the best damn players...but they just dont play well together. Fear the day they get some chemistry going because they will be unstoppable.

      As far as the tournament goes, there will be winners and their will be losers. True fans dont support their teams only in victory, and for that reason...I will always support England and Italy.

      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


        I think Shearer should've hung his boots during 98/99, and pitch-speaking, should only be seen in a newcastle shirt.

        Portugal's been playing really well the past few months and probably deserved to win. The English camp got excited after seeing Beckham's display (which was amazing btw) and let the ball loose on the wings.

        What amazes me about Keegan is how many games he lets go by without using Sol Campbell to max advantage.

        Well done Portugal! England should seriously consider a change of starting line-up for Germany. Prolly include some extra pace to take advantage of the german camp being comprised of old farts.


          The thing is England is rated high, that's a amazing spot, but they aren't as great as Italy or France in ball control and speed.
          I just love seeing Italy or France games, because they have this enthusiasm in them to do extra good. But my point is, why is the England game so hyped up about? They have been struggling for so many years, and look at them in the qualifiers. What did they do so good there?

          Shearer was amazing before.. who knows he might still have that career final showoff in the following games.
          England is not a constant team, half the reason is for player injuries, or as you said they try bringing in new fresh players.
          But why didn't they pick Andy Cole?? Not bad striker, he can help out the team. Owen is not bad but i don't think he can be something like Shearer was in his days.
          Maybe England is getting prepared for World Cup 98, but I

          As for Italy, as you know Vierri and Delpiero (sorry for the spelling), and others are also injured. Fraudia bhai, i agree the Italians can't play as a team, it seems to be individual effort, but when you see a club game in Italy like AC Milan, they can work fine there.......

          As for Holland, i still predict them in the semi's with France, with Yugo and ?????

          Overall the torney is going amazing. To think a really low team liek Slovania came out amazing, over Yugo 3-0! But either Slovania got over confident and/or Yugoslavia got going and realized what they were doing wrong.

          The following days have a lot more to show.. sure hope Turkey wins though


            Who sayz I'm supporting Englandddd!

            They suck..loadzzzzz.....I'm gonna go for Holland and Turkey!