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where can I see euro2000 matches

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    where can I see euro2000 matches

    are they being offered as pay per view on digital cable? or satellite is the only way?

    lemme know
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    Fraudia, I doubt you're Canadian, but justincase they're being telecast regular programming on OLN. I think the station's also available in Michigan, Western NY (Buffalo, Rochester etc.) and NH.

    Other than that, I dunno any non pay-per-view oferings, so satellite would prolly be yer best option. Sky UK and Eurosport are good.


      Fraudia, I think it's on basic cable PPV.


        Wow, to think this is probably the first International sporting event where Canada is showing it on basic cable, unlike the US.
        In Canada you can see all the matches on TSN and OLN.

        I agree with Elmo, it's probably on Skysports, Eurosports or on radio BBC Live 5.

        Get it now, you don't know what your missing out on! It's been amazing the whole competition.