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    NBA Playoffs

    So they're here once again. With last yr's strike and resultant "semi-season" this yrs are the first Post-Jordan playoffs. Wihout him, Pippen and well..Rodman too, the Bulls are a rubbish oufit.

    L.A have been just OUTstanding this season. It's gonna be a mammoth effort for any team to put them out. On the east coast, well...sadly not even one team has been that
    consistent. Indiana have the capacity, so do Charlotte. And of course there's always Mourning and co. so I wouldn't give a certain nod to anyone.

    (barring no upsets)my prediction:

    West: Lakers.
    East: Hornets/Pacers.

    Well, after yesterday's wrap-up it turned out just the way I'd predicted. A Lakers vs.Pacers Showdown.

    I thnk it was a tougher ride than most ppl would've expctd for LA but as long as kobe n' shaq don't slack off, they've always got their chances. Hats off to Portland for a superb fight, special kudos to Wallace and the ever-effective Pippen. Indiana fully deserve to be there although they'll have to improve on their double-teaming etc. against the Lakers. Miller's gonna be a highly marked man.

    (barring no injuries)my prediction:

    NBA Finals: LA Lakers by Game 5 or 6 as long as shaq keeps his head.


      Yes, great performance from Rasheed and Pimpen. That was amazing how LA made that big comback in game 7 against the Blazers. As for the finals I have to say Lakers are going to win eventhough I like Pacers better.

      Must say Shaq has improved alot on his free throws.