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West Indies win by 1 wicket

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    West Indies win by 1 wicket

    The Cricket Board -

    I don't have words to express my disgust of Saqlains pathetic performance. It is because ofhim that we lost the match and the series. Miss two run outs, the guy is a moron.



      Well - what do you expect. Wasim Akram seemed to be the only bowler capable of taking wickets. He got 11 wickets and he was absolutely amazing. But the others - namely
      Waqar,Razzaq and Saqlain were lacking penetration and seemed pretty ordinary. Hell even Walsh was handling Saqlain easily.
      Mushtaq Ahmed was Underbowled by Moin Khan and he paid for it. That was an error by Moin as was the decision to select Razzaq when he was only half fit. Mohd Akram should have been in the side in place of an injured Razzaq.

      Anyway - Pakistan paid for theit mistakes. The West Indies did not win the match - Pakistan lost it.

      Another series loss for Pakistan - this is getting to be a habit but hopefully they'll snap out of it soon.

      Stand out performances - Imran Nazir , Mohd Wasim, Mushtaq Ahmed and Wasim Akram. But Wasim was the most consistent. He bowled extremely well throughout but unfortunately only got the wickets that he deserved in the final test.

      Believe In Angels.



        With neutral umpires at both ends we would have won the match. We played very well, although Saqi and the out-fielders got affected by events as the game unfolded. But then, so did the West Indians, that's why their batsmen ended up at the same end twice. Well played boys, in another time, another place, with neutral umpires you would have won.

        Jimmy Adams,

        You cheating git. I hope you enjoyed hitting the winning runs, because you stood your ground after nicking the ball 19 runs earlier from the real hero of this test Wasim Akram, rightly named Man of the Match.

        Wasim, I salute you. The greatest left arm bowler the world has ever seen.


          I think it's a real pity the result will go down in history as 'West Indies won the series' in the record books.

          Although not very organized, Pak played pretty well in the series and should've won that washed out test earlier.

          I agree, Saqlain was just rubbish. That missed run out was shocking, adams was at the other end for goodness sake.

          Wasim Akram, there are no words to describe his phenomenal talent. Not only is he the greatest left arm fast bowler in the history of the game, but probably one of the most intelligent cricketers to step into the arena.

          Well done Wasim!


            I think Wasim Akram is trying harder then everyone else because he has so little time to become the highest test wicket taker in test matches.
            Overall, Pakistan did a great job.