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    Wednesday, May 24 turned out to be an eventful day in the history of both
    Indian cricket and the match-fixing scam. Things started to fall apart like
    a pack of cards. After six years of silence, former Indian allrounder Manoj
    Prabhakar revealed the name of the person who offered him a bribe of Rs. 25
    lakhs to underperform in a 1994 Singer Cup match in Sri Lanka. Later he
    deposed before the Central Bureau of Investigation office at New Delhi.

    In an interview to an Indian website, Prabhakar did not blow the whistle but
    the siren. Replying to a question the former Delhi player said "The name I
    am going to take is not a small name. But if I don't take it now it will be
    too late. I know, he knows and God knows. It is Kapil Dev."

    Perhaps there was nothing new in Prabhakar's statement since former BCCI
    president IS Bindra had first named Kapil Dev in an interview to CNN, which
    was later confirmed by Home Minister LK Advani. All the same, Prabhakar's
    revelations, though along expected lines, could still be termed sensational.
    Undoubtedly the initial reaction was one of shock and a feeling of sadness
    for the greatest allrounder India has produced.

    During the course of the interview Prabhakar said the players who knew about
    the incident were Mohd. Azharuddin, Ajit Wadekar, Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi
    Shastri, Navjot Sidhu while Nayan Mongia and Prashant Vaidya.

    Confirming Prabhakar's statement Ravi Shastri who was a television
    commentator for the Singer Cup said in an interview to an Indian website
    that "Manoj did speak to me about exactly this during the tour in Colombo in
    1994. My advice to Manoj was clear - to inform his team management."

    Speaking to another website, the then Indian captain Mohd. Azharuddin said
    "What do you want from me, I don't know what Prabhakar has said. With the
    Asia Cup just a few days away, I only want to focus on my cricket and
    nothing else. I don't want any distractions."

    Nayan Mongia said the matter was with the CBI and he could not say anything.
    "The CBI is investigating the case. Why don't you ask them? I have nothing
    to say on this."

    The then manager of the Indian team Ajit Wadekar in an interview to an TV
    channel said that he had already deposed about what he knew before the CBI
    and the Chandrachud commission and he could not make any public comment for

    Former Indian captain Bishen Bedi and selector Madal Lal said they were sick
    of the whole thing. While ex-BCCI president Inderjit Singh Bindra said he
    felt sorry for Kapil, ICC president Jagmohan Dalmiya was unavailable for

    Responding to a question from an Indian newspaper from Delhi, Bedi said
    though it was tragic, he added "I am confident truth will prevail in the
    end, but as of now I am sick and tired of it all."

    Madan Lal, a former coach, said he would not believe Prabhakar and said "I
    have faith in Kapil. I won't believe anyone who says Kapil had done such a
    thing, it's just impossible."

    In Pune, chairman of selectors Chandu Borde talking to a news agency said
    the allegations on Kapil Dev were "disturbing and unfortunate." Borde added
    "I feel one should not make such allegations unless one can substantiate it.
    I feel personally that at present the statements (of Prabhakar) are mere

    Borde further stated "All that I can say is that this glorious game is
    passing through a very bad situtation. The allegations and counter
    allegations are very counterproductive to the interests of this game." The
    statements he said "breed confusion in the minds of the people and they draw
    different conclusions which is detrimental to the game."

    Earlier in the day the CBI which is probing the betting and match- fixing
    case had an unexpected visitor at 2.30 pm. Prabhakar walked into the CBI's
    office to depose before the investigation agency. He spent about an hour
    with the special team of about three officers headed by CBI Joint Director
    RS Siwani.

    At the the end of the session an officer said "The statement is informative
    and crucial for our investigations. Asked whether Prabhakar named former
    Indian captain Kapil Dev, the officer replied "I am not in a position to
    reveal this."

    The last straw may well be the agency report from Paris today quoting
    Muthiah as saying: "When he met me in Delhi last week, I asked Manoj
    Prabhakar to go to the CBI and he said 'It will serve no purpose for I will
    not leave Kapil Dev'."

    Meanwhile responding to Prabhakar's charges, Kapil Dev in an interview to a
    TV channel said that his lawyers would respond to the charges on Thursday
    and that he is suing Bindra for Rs. 10 crores.

    Cricket is going through its worst phase now.

    Quite a few of our heroes are blamed, including Kapil Dev, Wasim Akram and many more.
    The only thing that can bring thr game out of the mud is faith. I mean at least in our idols.

    Anything can happen. Somebody may call the names of Imran or Gavaskar or Richards or anyone. Some of them might have done some dirty things deliberately or unknowingly.
    We don't know.
    But we can believe in them, at least untill they are proven guilty, our heroes!

    Isn't it strange that we trust bad news instantly? We believe Bindra & Prabhakar but don't believe Kapil!

    He is our hero, like the others mentioned above and we will continue to trust him; no matter what the Bindras and Prabhakars have to say!

    Three cheers for cricket...Three cheers for our heroes who make the game so special...!

    There is no way to happiness.
    Happiness is the way....



      It's a tough time to be a cricketer but the ones who are innocent should have nothing to worry about because their names will be cleared. The ones who need to worry are obviously those who have sold their country out - Malik is paying the price - as for Kapil Dev - only time will tell if he's guility or not although everything seems to be pointing towards his guilt.

      One thing about Probhakar - he`s getting more attention with these allegations than he ever did when he was playing for India.

      Believe In Angels.