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Prabhakar-Bindra disclose the name!!!

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    Prabhakar-Bindra disclose the name!!!

    I.S. Bindra, after receiving the refusal to attend the ICC meeting, has disclosed the name of the former Indian cricketer who, according to Prabhakar, offered him Rs. 2.5 millions for match-fixing.

    The name is KAPIL DEV!

    The phrase -'according to Prabhakar' - is very important; because Prabhakar has said many a things before which he couldn't prove.

    Your opinions?

    Here's a link to the article on Kapil Dev on my cricket discussion board.

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      Bindra names Dev in match-fixing

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      Posted: Thursday May 04, 2000 11:02 AM

      Indian cricket star Kapil Dev denies offering money to a teammate to play badly in a 1994 match against Sri Lanka. Allsport UK/Allsport

      ATLANTA ( -- The former head of Indian cricket alleged Wednesday on CNN International that cricket legend Kapil Dev has been involved in match-fixing.

      Inderjit Singh Bindra, in a question-and-answer session with CNN's Jim Clancy, said cricketer Manoj Prabhakar had named Dev as the teammate who offered him a bribe to perform poorly in a one-day international in Sri Lanka in 1994.

      "And [Manor Prabhakar] told me that player happened to be one of the most respected -- who was an icon, who was the counterpart of Michael Jordan in India -- and his name was Mr. Kapil Dev," Bindra said.

      Dev, India's coach and former test captain, denied the allegations, calling them "wild and baseless."

      "It has been brought to my notice that certain wild and baseless allegations have been made against me in an interview aired on CNN," Kapil said in a statement.

      "I have discussed these with my lawyers, who are taking appropriate action against those responsible for uttering these reckless allegations."

      The cricket world was rocked in April when South African captain Hansie Cronje, highly regarded for his sportsmanship, admitted he received cash from bookmakers in a betting scam.

      The International Cricket Council, which concluded an emergency session on Wednesday, announced that it would impose a lifetime ban on cricketers found guilty of betting or match-fixing.


        Well, as I posted on suhail's board, the heart still refuses to believe that Kapil could be in it!


          Yup difficult to believe, but after Hansie anything is possible.


            Actually guys,Kapil is the first man I would suspect.He was a top Star,greedy and too damn proud as well!!Such people consider themselves to be above laws or moral responsibilities.


              On the contrary, Ahmed, he was & is always very proud of representing the country. Once, against Australia, when the opponents were required to score just 180-odd runs in the 4th innings to win, this man, despite of being injured, bowled with painkillers & won the match with a 5-wicket haul!

              He has got tremendous reputation for pride % dedication. That's why I prefer to believe him than Bindra!

              And mind you, Prabhakar hasn't yet approved what Bindra said.


                whats a big deal about him batting w/ injury? Saleem Malik back in 1986 batted w/ a broken Arm aginst WI and won a game for Pak but his name is also under investigation.i heard ST name has been also mentioned.


                  Kapil has fled a law-suit against Bindra. So if Bindra has proof, let us see it. Otherwise pay up the damages.


                    Kapil's playing with injury has absolutely no relevance.Countless players have done that.One good example of saleem malik was posted by jasleen_g above and another example of this kind is wasim akram himself.(I am a fan of his but he has his faults,he is also proud and greedy!)
                    So whether Kapil is telling the truth in this particular matter or parbharkar is,is one thing but I standby my criticism of kapil's personality because I have followed his career as I have of many other players.


                      I wouldn't have ever expected Kapil to be involved in such activities.

                      But if Hansie Cronje can do what he did I'll reckon anything's possible.

                      Prabhakar has yet to confirm Bindra's statement. Lets see if Kapil files a suit against Prabhakar if he publicly does confirm it was Kapil. That should speak volumes.


                        Kapil has given a legal notice since Bindra had taken his name on CNN interview.

                        Let Bindra prove. Onus of proof lies on him if he makes accusation.



                          Kapil Dev recently cried on an interview to BBC about his name being dragged in the mud...Awwwwww..Is this a sign of things to come? First the tears then the confession - Re: Hansie Cronje ?

                          Could be. If anyone accused Sunny Gavaskar of taking bribes I would laugh at his face..Dev is another matter. I think he's going down.


                            Yep, ZZ.
                            Bindra has accused Kapil & it's his responsibility to prove now.

                            I think Prabhakar is a very wise man! He won't say anything concrete unless he has proof. He'll continue to just hint at something this & that.

                            That Kapil wept doesn't necessarily mean he is guilty & will confess soon. It can be exactly the opposite. You caan't tell anything from the face. Offcourse you can't tell anything from the past history, also (I am referring to my point of Kapil's playing with injury).

                            But there are some people whom you want to believe, perhaps without any logical reason, and I think Kapil is one of such persons!

                            Offcourse, any damn thing is possible in today's cricket!

                            One extreme remedy for this is play cricket like WWF! Fix all matches! The spectators will still enjoy if they don't know the results! Alas, then people will take bribes for not playing according to the plan!


                              I am not saying Kapil is innocent. Just because I donno. Nor like ManiaX, I have assumed that he is guilty. Cuz again I donno.
                              However, what I can say is that Kapil is likely to win the case unless Bindra has a written document or secret bank account or like known. If he is just relying on talking with Prabhakar, he has no proof.
                              Even Hansie Cronje case will be difficult to prove in Indian courts. Tape can be dubbbed. Voice authenticity and if tape is a t a single stretch can be questioned. Tape has never been a clinching eveidence. Question would be 'where is the money?' which was the account? Unless Bindra knows it, he will lose.