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    Playing Cricket

    Today I played Cricket after ten years. Apparently they have a league of different cricket teams with mixed Pakistani and Indian players here in Minneapolis. Every summer they form the teams and play tournament. Every team plays twelve matches.

    It was a bright sunny spring day today and we practiced for three hours. 'Got to bowl, and considering ten years interval, I'd say I can still throw a pretty good spinner (not considering the noticeable number of sixes I got hit, and a few wides... but hey, it's all part of the game, right? )

    Anybody else here in US plays league Cricket or just any other form of Cricket for that matter? It was such an exulting experience to play after such a long time.

    My whole body is sore now. Man, this gotta hurt tomorrow at work!

    NO pain NO gain my brother
    keep the good work up
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      I played cricket for the first time last friday. I loved it and I really want to learn. I can't even hit a four! Got any good tips for it ?

      Swimming and Soccer used to be my fav. I used to play soccer everyday when i was in high school. Swimming; every weekend.


        Way to go Roman!
        And yes me do ... in Canada though. And this May I am gonna play against Atlanta. As long as I am concerned, most of the cities in US have a cricket team or club. And the best thing is anyone can join. Doesn't matter how professional he is. Moreover, spinners are on the demand. Because everyone is a fast bowler, though they arent and they just pretend themselves that they are the BEST in the city.
        Some nerds !!!

        Good Luck to you.
        C'ya !

        Get a load of me !!!
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          I know... it's just today I don't seem to agree with the quote

          Well, don't get too frustrated over not being able to hit the four in the beginning. Try to develop your bating, sight for the ball, and how to hit it most effectively. Once you get the hang of it and feel for the ball, hitting will also come to you easily. Like anyother physical sport, Cricket also require practice and patience.

          Yeah, I think you are right.. most of the big cities do have leagues etc.. I think it depends more on how much desi population you have around. But this one is really the first exposure to me in the eight years I've been in US.

          I think spinning (I'm a leg spinner) requires a bit more dedication than fast or medium pace bowling. From what you said, I think a lot of bowlers do not work hard on discovering effective swing techniques but simply pay attention to line, length, and pace.

          Fast bowling is easier to maintain compared to a spin bowler who has to come up with a consistency of deceptive balls for the batsman, specially when batsman is a bit more in advantage facing a spinner in contrast to a fast bowler.

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            Good to hear that Roman, 10 years! Good God, and I thought I was out of touch when I had a two-year gap.

            As for leagues, you're quite right. Cricket is played in most major cities but leagues exist only in desi-populated areas. Some of the better leagues are NY/NJ, MD and the GTA (in Ontario).

            Casper, who do you play for? I played for London Knights last summer and we were in Ottawa for a desi tournament. May have seen you there(?)

            Everyone a fast bowler? If anyone's finding it tough to get in the playing XI because there are already too many wannabe quickies out there, do what I did.

            I started out as our 'keeper, and during nets insisted on bowling a few quick overs myself. Eventually, the coach seemed impressed enough to try me at 1-change in one of our easier games. I think I took 2/3 wkts and now my position is a backup fast bowler. And by being the opening bat my place is already pretty cemented.

            It's good to see ppl like you Roman, theres a severe lack of spinners around. But after Warne, Saqlain etc. surfaced, I've seen a lot of players trying their hand at tossing a few leg-breaks, complete with Warney's action of couse.



              Good to hear that you are playing Cricket too. When I was growing up, we used to play in the empty classroom of a nearby high school. There used to be no benches etc so the room used to be a pretty good place just to practice different shots and angles. That's from where I adopted my front-food bating style.

              Also, since you can't really bowl fast in a room, we used to just play spinners and that's how I learned spin bowling as well.

              Back in Lahore, most of the Cricket I played in later years was in the verandas, roof, aangan, gali, etc with cork or tape rolled ball. Man, it was so much fun.

              As a matter of fact, I have played only one full-fledge, Cricket ball match in my life. That was when I had a spell of seven overs and I took eight wickets, bowling my regular leg-spin. That's like my Cricket career peak moment

              Too bad I never somehow got a chance to play jimkhana or neighborhood league Cricket back then... I sometimes regret it.

              Good old times.


                Oh, BTW, latest on the sore is that it hurts when I breath.... please don't make me laugh for next 24 hours.


                  Keep it up, Roman!
                  10 years gap is nothing for a cricket-lover like you!
                  My best wishes!

                  There is no way to happiness.
                  Happiness is the way....


                    Hey thanks Elegancia!


                      Originally posted by Casper The Clever Pagla:
                      Moreover, spinners are on the demand. Because everyone is a fast bowler, ..
                      You know Casper, I heard the same sort of thoughts here from different players in last few days. Apparently, the league we have here, there aren't really any leg-spinners. We have few off-spinners but hardly any leg-spinner.

                      I was sort of suprised to hear that though because back home, I do know few guys who were leg-spinners. I guess since the population sample playing Cricket back there is enormously larger than here, we get all sorts of variety in Cricket there.

                      Personally, I have discovered bowling around-the-wicket to be a lot more effecitve than going over-the-wicket.

                      Anybody here has any tips or comments to share?



                        Thing with leg spinners though - is that it's really tough to perfect the art itself. Because the variety that you have is what gets you the wicket. An off spinner is more of a length bowler, meaning you expect him to pitch around off stump and try to turn the ball away - the leg spinner on the other hand can get you out so many ways. His variety is what makes him dangerous. Ive been playing for so long ( and Im pretty damn good but even today I can never fully read a leggie.
                        So many times, I find myself playing for the line and it's never there! It's fun to watch but definately not much fun batting against a quality leg spinner. I still cannot read a leg spinner. I cant pick him - I try to read him off the pitch but in Pakistan thats very difficult because the ball skids through. I used to try and slog him away - got away with it here and there but it would never last.

                        I never found it comfortable bowling around the wicket. I'm a batsman more than I am a bowler but even in the days I used to bowl a lot more - I could never get the length right from that angle. The natural line takes the bowl across the right hander but if you're to full it doesent really matter cos you get driven through the off side. I guess it's more of a practice thing. You need to work on it because you should be able to bowl from either side. But I was always better of right arm over, It was easier to hit the stumps!

                        Believe In Angels.



                          Well we have two leagues in Northern California NCCA and BACA. In NCCA there are 20+ teams and in BACA there are about 8 teams. And Its great cricket every sunday. I will be playing my 2nd league match this sunday.


                            Well, leggies are rarer than offies.
                            It's difficult to bowl a good line-length when you are a wrist spinner. For a finger-spinner, it's comparatively easier to maintain a constant good line & length.

                            Kumble is perhaps the most accurate leggie so far, because though he is a leggie, he uses his fingers more than his wrists (except for the googly).

                            Even great leggies like Qadir & Warne stray in their line many times. It was their variety & their huge spin that made them lethal.