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Mushtaq wrecks WI start!!

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    Mushtaq wrecks WI start!!

    Okay,I know many of you think that Mushtaq Ahmed is not a very good spinner,and that Saqlain is better but he is my favourite and he has just wrecked a perfectly well West Indian start by taking 4 quick wickets,3 of them in just 1 over!!!WI just went from 61-0 to 61-1(razzak strikes)and then from 61-1 to 71-5!!!(Mushtaq's 4 strikes).
    So what do you think of my man Mushtaq now?



    I, for one, have always believed that
    Mushy is a better spinner than Saqlain, and Ive posted that on this forum many times:

    I do agree with you though..he's been treated rather unfairly by the selectors. But you must remember - when he was dropped - he was dropped because of a total loss of form as well as the fact that he was hiding an injury. That said - it's good to see him back and getting wickets.

    Believe In Angels.



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        I am gald you agree with me.I know Mushtaq lost his form for some time but that happens to everybody.I think dropping him was allright but the problem is that he was dropped for too long,and when we missed a leg spinner,Arshad khan was brought in instead of experienced Mushtaq.Anyways he is back now and giving performance.Saqlain is not bad himself and I admire him too but can he bowl googlees?
        Pathan bhai,
        LOL.Yes these are the words he desrves.Afterall he won pak a title!



          Actually, as much as I like Saqlain - if there is a choice b/w him and Mushy - I would go for Mushy. Simply because Mushy always gives the ball more flight and hence gets more turn. Now, Saqlain is a great bowler but like Boycott, Gavaskar and Raja have observed, he tends to get negative sometimes and bowls flat even in test matches, whereas a bowler with his ability should'nt be afraid to give the ball more air. Even Nikhil Chopra gives the ball more air than Saqlain, and Chopra is nowhere near the class of a Saqlain Mushtaq.