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Is Moin Khan a good captain??????

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  • Hum Sa Ho To Samne Aaye
    I really like Moin Khan too. He's definitly the best keeper in the world!!

    Who says nothing is impossible? I've been doing nothing all my life!

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  • Casper The Clever Pagla
    I agree with Umair.
    He is the best captain and the best keeper in the world after Rashid Latif. He always stood up when Pakistan needed him. In the previous matches, he was just not in the form. Now it doesnt mean he has lost his spirit, he is a loser, etc.
    Keeping in mind, In Sharjah Cup, He was announced the Best Keeper and he cought highest catches. Everyone has his ups and downs. He will come up with bright ideas. We just have to be positive always.

    Ciao !!!

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  • UMAIR316
    I kind of disagree with you guys. Because if you put pressure on your players they might do better, he may no be a good keeper but he still is a good captain. He was the one who captained Pakistan when they won the Cocal Cola Cup. I think he's the best captain right now.

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  • ManiaX

    Thats a very good point.

    Moin Khan in the past has been accused by
    Aamir Sohail of treating the younger players harshly and being impatient with them.
    He sort of reminds me of Wasim Akram during Akram's first stint as a Captain before the players revolted against him. Moin needs
    to be more patient on the field, thats for sure . Hopefully, he'll learn because he`s the only choice we have as captain.
    Both Wasim Akram and Saeed Anwar have made
    it clear that they want nothing to do with
    the captaincy anymore so that leaves Moin as
    the only option.

    As for his's certainly dropped.
    But I think it's just a bad patch and he
    will come out of it soon.

    Believe In Angels.


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  • rizwanfareed
    started a topic Is Moin Khan a good captain??????

    Is Moin Khan a good captain??????

    salaam all
    hey i wanna ask all of u 'is moin khan a good captain'???
    personally i think he should change the way he captains the team..
    his keeping is really crap .. the proof of which is the match we had against the west indies when he dropped some thing like 3 catches.. and even though he drops these catches he wont stop telling all the other players off.. instead of giving the players support on the field especially the younger players which we have a lot of at the moment he yells at them and makes them feel bad .. how can they be expected to play good under such pressure?????
    i think he should calm down ,, give the team more support and may be if he does do this his keeping might improve
    ok se e ya