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Go Leafs GO! Stanley Cup comin to T.O

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    Go Leafs GO! Stanley Cup comin to T.O

    Yes....We will crush the Ottawa Senetors and yes...the Stanley Cup is coming home. Detroit is going down, they will once again loose to Colorado. I predict a Leafs v Dallas final. The Ottawa Senetors game plan of injuring Toronto players is working very well..they injured Perrault and now Antropov is gone too. Antropovs argubly my favourite Toronto Maple Leafs player. Anyways..I hope Toronto beats these Ottawa Sens in no mre then 6 games.

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    All emotional crap.. get down to the facts bud! Leafs will not surpass the second round


      I agree with outlaw, what are you talking about Said?(!)

      Even if Leafs win the next one how could you possibly call the series win a "crushing" one? They are already at 2-2. "Crushing" would suggest a takeall-zip win.

      Many outfits look good this yr, I'm not sure about the East but Colorado should make it through in the West.


        Of course HOCKEYTOWN will bring the cup back home.. with the NHL's most stacked team. DETROIT REDWINGS.

        Detroit just sweeeeeeped LA and Detroit's offense is the best as they showed in teh regular season with the most goals scored.

        If you actually think about it, Detroit has big talent in defence - Lidstrom, Chelious, Murphy. Although Detroit's goalie Osgood might fail Detroit if it ever happens.

        But my picks for the Final are Detroit vs. Philly.