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    Great Interview

    This is an interview that you'll get in next months issue of Cricketer. It's intersting

    Q: First of all Saeed - How's the knee?

    Saeed Anwar: Much better.I've been getting
    a lot of rest at home since surgery so Im
    looking forward to coming back soon.

    Q:You were appointed Captain till the end of
    the season - why did you step down?

    Saeed Anwar: After I had the MRI scan done the Doctors told me that the injury would just keep on getting worse unless I took care of it immediately.
    Mind you, the knee was causing problems since the World Cup but I kept trying to put it off. After I got the results, it was clear to me that I would suffer in the long run physically, and the team would
    suffer as well having an injured Captain so thats when I spoke with General Tauqir and informed him of my decision.

    Q: But you could have taken back the Captaincy after
    you came back from injury.

    Saeed Anwar: It did not matter, to be honest. I was asked by the Board to Captain the side after Akram stepped down. I did that. However, I prefer playing as a regular member
    of the side. I'm not interested in the Captaincy, it's not something I want.

    Q: Pakistan lost 3-0 and 2-0 to Sri Lanka under your
    Captaincy. Was there a lack of support ?

    Saeed Anwar: Look at the players we had. Our key players were injured either before the match or during the match itself and we were left with 1 or 2 regular bowlers.
    Sri Lanka are no pushovers. You cannot expect to win when you've got a game of musical chairs going on with team selection.

    Q: You mean there was a lack of consistency in selection?

    Saeed Anwar: Definately. If you want to try young players, then have the confidence to play them throughout the series.
    That way, at least you can see what their ability is and you will give them a fair chance to suceed. Dropping the youngsters after one match is unfair on them and the team.

    Q: Wasim Akram pulled out after bowling just one over - that looked rather suspicious..

    Saeed Anwar: Not really. Wasim is a great bowler. He got injured at a bad time for us. These things are out of
    your hands. As a Captain, I was naturally disappointed but there's no point in crying about it. You need to get on with the game. We did that and gave the Sri Lankans
    a tough time anyway.

    Q: People were saying your decision to bring Aamir Sohail back in the team caused a lot of tension because of his allegations
    against the others. Was it neccesary to bring Sohail back
    when he clearly looks past his best?

    Saeed Anwar: First of all, Aamir Sohail is not past his best.I believe he still has a lot to offer Pakistan cricket.
    You cannot put a player out to pasture after one bad series.

    Q: What are Pakistan's chances in the West Indies this year?

    Saeed Anwar: Pretty good, I'd say. We have the best bowling attack in the world. Our batting is our main concern. We need a few
    new batsman and the team would settle down. Mohd Wasim and Younis Khan are good players and hopefully they will start scoring more
    consistently in the middle order.

    Q: You`re rated as one of the best batsman in the world alongside Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara. That should feel good..?

    Saeed Anwar: Thats nice to know. But whats more important is that Pakistan wins. My job is to score runs for Pakistan and
    make my team win as a result. Thats all that matters, to be honest.

    Q: How long do you intend to keep playing?

    Saeed Anwar: It depends. I'd like to play in the next World Cup in South Africa and bring the trophy back home before I retire. Probably after the World Cup. Either way, I intend to leave on my own terms. There's life after cricket and I have a family waiting for me.

    Q: Final thought Saeed - you`re the only player who has not been accused of match fixing in Pakistan. Nobody picks
    on Saeed Anwar - Why?

    Saeed Anwar: Like I said, my job is to play for Pakistan and get runs for the team. After I'm done, I go home. I'm not
    involved in any politics. I guess thats the reason.

    Q: Thanks for the interview. Good luck with the recovery.

    Saeed Anwar: Thank you.

    Believe In Angels.