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Pakistan judge convinced some players fixed matches

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    Pakistan judge convinced some players fixed matches

    The judge who investigated allegations of corruption in Pakistan cricket said on Monday he was convinced some players had been involved in match-fixing.

    Justice Malik Mohammad Qayyum also told Reuters he was disappointed that a report he submitted to the government with recommendations of penalties against the players had not been acted upon or released publically.

    ``I am convinced that some of the Pakistan players are involved in match-fixing. They deliberately threw a few games,'' Qayyum said from Lahore.

    ``I have recommended several punitive actions against those players, including life bans.''

    Qayyum examined more than 75 witnesses in his two-year investigation before submitting his report to Pakistan President Rafiq Tarar, who is also patron of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

    There has been no further action on the report since it was submitted six months ago.

    ``The saddest part is that some of the players against whom I recommended life bans are still playing cricket,'' he said.

    The judge refused to disclose the names of the players and said he could not recall how many players he had recommended disciplinary action against.

    ``But there is no doubt that I found rock-solid evidence during the probe which confirmed that some of the Pakistan players accepted bribes to tamper with the results of international matches.

    ``My report cannot be altered. It is exactly like giving a verdict in a case.

    ``I am disappointed that my exercise is lying unnoticed when it should be have been made public and implemented long ago. But it is up to the board how they want to handle it. I have done my job with dedication and best to my abilities,'' Qayyum said.

    He said he was not shocked by the news that South African captain Hansie Cronje had admitted to accepting money to pass on information to bookies.

    ``It was not a surprise, but Hansie's admission means that it is a global issue and the system needs to be overhauled,'' Qayyum said.

    Match-fixing allegations have blighted cricket in recent years, and the controversy resurfaced last week when Cronje admitted accepting between $10,000 and $15,000 from a bookmaker for information and forecasting during a triangular series against Zimbabwe and England in South Africa last January.

    He has denied that he fixed matches.


    I think it is bad that the government has not released the report or taken the recommended action. What is the point of holding such enquiries if the reports are going to be brushed under the carpet? Which current players is the judge talking about? Akram!!!!!