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England trio took bribes, Lewis claims

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    England trio took bribes, Lewis claims

    Former England all-rounder Chris Lewis claimed in a British Sunday newspaper that he had been told three England players had taken money to fix matches.

    The allegations, following the bookmaking scandal involving South Africa's sacked captain Hansie Cronje, are sure to add to the pressure on the International Cricket Council (ICC), the sport's ruling body, to conduct a thorough investigation into match-rigging.

    Lewis told the News of the World the names of the England trio, who have played regularly for their country during the last four years, were given to him by sports promoter Ashim Kheterpal.

    ``The amounts the three received went into 'thousands','' Lewis was quoted as saying. ``I was told everybody was at it, including players from South Africa, India and Pakistan.''

    England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) media spokesman Andrew Walpole said: ``After we have studied the article in detail, we will decide what course of action to take, if any.''

    Match-fixing allegations have blighted cricket in recent years, and the controversy resurfaced last Tuesday when Cronje admitted accepting between $10,000 and $15,000 from a bookmaker for information and forecasting during a triangular series against Zimbabwe and England in South Africa last January.

    Cronje's admission came after he and team mates Nicky Boje, Herschelle Gibbs and Pieter Strydom were charged by Indian police on April 7 with ``cheating, fraud and criminal conspiracy'' during a one-day series in India last month. All have denied involvement in match-fixing.


    It seems this match fixing muck runs much deeper than originally thought. As Elegancia wrote elsewhere, cricket will soon be competing with WWF. At least with WWF you know the whole thing is fixed. With cricket you are not sure which match is fixed and which one is not. Only yesterday one of the ex board member of Indian cricket told of an incident where he was informed that the match which he was about to watch between NZ and India in Sharjah in 1996 was fixed and that three Indian players will be run out. As it turned out three players were run out, i.e. Sachin, Azhar and Jadega.!!!!! What next?

    Former BCCI president & currently, president of Punjab CA, Mr. I.S.Bindra told that around 1994, he heard of a match-fixing case which involved a former captain, an allrounder & a former opener! He had all the proofs needed for a strong case. But he just let them off with a strict warning. He claims that all the board members of that time know about this incident!

    And now this accusation by Lewis....
    Heaven knows how deep & how old this scandal is!

    I hope Sachin is not in it!
    He came to the nation's rescue in the worldcup, leaving his father's death behind.
    So did Razzaq for Pakistan in Sharjah.


      what is source of news on sachin? where is this ex-board member's statement? and of course, u can always run the other batsman out.
      azhar and jadeja have been rumoured for long and an enquiery was also there. nothing happened.
      there was a game in 98 in sharajah in which 3 were run-out, not 96. i checked on
      about elegencia's post.. who can be the former opener. sachin-ganguly have been opening since long. In 94, Jadeja used to open. or sidhu and prabhakar opened. Manjarekar and sachin opened in one of 7 ODI's played that year. Azhar was captain. Kapil and prabhakar are possible allrounders.

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        The source of the news was none other than the famous ZEE TV yesterday and the ex board member, I cannot remember his name gave this info on ZEE TV who in turn confirmed the details of the match and the three batsman involved.

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          if u r talking about same news as elegencia, then nothing matches.. or more than one members have spoken..


            I am not sure whether it is the same match. This gentleman told ZEE tv that he was in Sharjah to watch the matches, and before the match between NZ and India he was told by a person that three top players from India will be run out and that's what happened. ZEE tv than confirmed that infact the three players who were run out were Sachin for 38 and Azhar and Jadeja for 11 each.


              Ehsan & I are alking about different matches.
              From what I read in the leading newspaper of my city & state, Mr. Bindra was talking about an incident in 94/95 & not 98.
              Plus, he swears that all the board members of that time know abuot this incident & the warnings given thereafter.