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Schumacher wins at Imola!

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    Schumacher wins at Imola!

    Michael Schumacher won the San Marino grand prix in an exciting finish over Mika Hakkinen.

    1. Michael Schumacher Ferrari
    2. Mika Hakkinen Mclaren
    3. David Coulthard Mclaren
    4. Rubens Barrichelo Ferrari
    5. Jacques Villunerve BAR - Honda
    6. Mika Salo Sauber

    Great race for Michael. Btw, this is an interesting comment made by
    Barrichelo after the race.

    "It was a very difficult weekend
    and you have to wonder whether there is something wrong with me or with the car,"
    he complained. "Schumacher is more familiar with the car and the team's strategies, but
    it's important to note why there seems to be a difference between the performance of both cars" Rubinho added.

    Kinda early in the season for Barrichelo
    to be *****in about Schumacher.

    Believe In Angels.


    I think Rubinho has all the right to be upset.
    Ferrari's mechanics were'nt efficient enough during the pit-stop where he lost his lead to Coulthard. If I was him i'ld be raising hell.

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      Right, outlaw.
      The Rubinho ptstop took 1.5 secs more than Coulthard. That was crucial.
      A great race though.
      Schumacher drove superbly. & hats off the team for a very short pit stop.