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predictions for the final!

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    predictions for the final!

    PAK vs SA:

    SA have the mental edge over pakis but

    *pakis r on high after some form shown by middle order

    *Sharjah has been a lucky ground for pakis

    *after long time pakis could break their losing streak and prove that they can WIN

    * Moin and middan bhai new coach would love to win a tournament!

    what u guys reckon

    i thnik pak winning comprehensively!


    Pathan Bhai,

    Losing to the South Africans 14 times on the trot ( and the way things are going - we're probably losing to them again today ) -
    basically makes us the underdogs.

    Pakistan's main problem with SA is that none of the batsman can get a big score against them. If you look at the score cards - Pak has always been dismissed for a cheap score against the SA. Our bowlers therefore have nothing to bowl at.

    So - Im going with SA on this one. I also believe that they have a better all round side than Pakistan. Pakistan are missing
    Saeed,Azhar,Saqlain,Aamir Sohail and even
    Mushtaq Ahmed - as the SA players dont play leg spin too well. SA are the better side in this tournament and I believe they deserve to win. 'Course Pak can pull of an upset.

    Believe In Angels.



      I would like them to but at the moment SA must be the favourites.



        well, now with a total of 164(?), looks like it will be the 15th consecutive spanking by miracles, no lucky ground stuff today!


          pakistan is getting the wickets shoaib is on fire!!!! we need wickets and more wickets inshallah we will do it
          have faith
          I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by



            hmmm.... 80/6 in 19 overs......can there be?



              we rule!
              "Verily, I am leaving behind two precious things among you: the Book of God and my kindred, my household..(Sahi Muslim, Hadith Thaqalayn is narrated by thirty plus Companions of the Prophet)


                Pakistan showed a lot of heart
                in defending a small total,
                but we have seen Pakistan
                pull off amazing wins before.

                Our problem has been consistency.

                Hopefully the team will maintain
                focus and bring the Cup home.

                Pakistan Zindabad.


                  The final will be a very close match & in the end the result will be on the SA side.
                  Pak has pulled up an incredible victory yesterday; but the SA pack were minus Kallis, Cronje, Ntini. To add to the problems, Shoib did not look comfortable with his back & in fact couldn't complete two overs. He won't be his usual lethal stuff if ever he bowls in the final.
                  So, SA deserve to win & I think they will win as they are a better allround side.

                  There is no way to happiness.
                  Happiness is the way....


                    Mind says that S.A. has a better chance but heart says that Pakistan's going to kick some arse.


                      TOLD YA ALL