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Bengali Draft for the Asia Test Nations?

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    Bengali Draft for the Asia Test Nations?

    WAIT, I got this from
    What the hell is this?????? Those Bengali gandu's better make their own team.

    Equalisation draft in prospect?
    Loof Lirpa - 1 April 2000

    A leaked document from the highest level of international cricket administration has revealed shocking plans to deal with increasing concern regarding the imbalance in Test cricket, as well as to pave the way for Bangladesh to enter the Test arena. The document discusses an "equalisation draft", which although not specified in detail appears to outline a plan whereby Bangladesh will be able to select one player from each of the other Asian test playing countries. Although the basis for selection is not clear, fears that a Bangladesh squad might feature Muralitharan, Tendulkar and Shoaib Akthar seem to be groundless as it appears that each Test team can name a squad of 11 that will be "protected".

    There is further dicussion of the dominance of Test cricket by Australia and South Africa, with suggestions that players should be assigned to Test duties with the weaker Test countries. Cynics might suggest that in the case of England and Zimbabwe, this experiment has already been tried, with several players of Australian and South African upbringing representing those sides in the last few years. In this case however the choice of player would be based on quality, not birth qualification, and in such circumstances an Ashes series featuring McGrath and Ponting playing for England may be the eventual outcome.

    Those ICC Kuttay better not be doing anything like this..

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    April fool to you too as well.