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VICTORY FOR PAKISTAN- a superb performance

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    VICTORY FOR PAKISTAN- a superb performance

    What a performance! Brilliant show by Inzi and Waqar!

    Althought the decision to give Wasim & Shoaib some 'healing time' by bowling Younis Khan etc. in the end was well thougt out, the 20-30 odd runs and the fact that they batted out the 50, could prove decisive if the decision goes to RR.

    But all in alll, a simply AWEsome display by Pakistan!!

    Congrats to the Pakistani team

    They deserved it.. (and so did India).
    Waqar Bhai bowled like his old self, while Inzi batted like he use to too. Now that is how our batting should be like!
    Our bowling is always great. But the fielding was something we hardly ever see.. GOOD.

    Now India are in some problem, as the net runrate is too low for them to catch up (unless they are amazing, which against rsa sounds unlikely). They must win their next match. Too bad.. for them. So when are they catching their flight back to India? Tuesday or Wednesday??

    Oh and did you see Waqar's wife at the end! WOW... amazing.
    Someone should make a webpage with all the players wifes pics on there.


      doosronki wives ko dekhna is very unislamic but very much 'peoples champlike'!!!

      Anyway, Inzy & Waqar dominated the proceedings the whole time.
      Now, both the teams have a tough task of beating RSA in their last league. With their backs against the wall ,let's see whether they perform or not. The last two days are crucial.

      There is no way to happiness.
      Happiness is the way....


        Well done Pak, now for SA in the final.