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    No Saeed Anwar

    The squad for Sharjah does not include Saeed Anwar. Is he really injured or are there other sinister moves behind this. Granted that he is not a good captain, but he is one of the finest players in the world and we should not lose him to petty differences.

    Yes, off course.
    Saeed is undoubtedly one of the best openers in both versions of the game in contemporary cricket & he should not be dropped for reasons other than cricket.
    He's got highest no. of centuries in Sharjah(8) & he is the man to score there this year, too if he is in the team.



      Well, after the shabby way the selectors have treated him..Saeed should tell tell to f#ck off. They dont deserve a person, let alone a player like him.


        No I think he is suffering from the same neck problem but yes he has some differences with Miandad.It might be a reason.
        It is said that he left the captaincy because of his appointment and if this is the case he should be left out.Because a player has no right to comment and react on the appointment of any official no matter how great player he is cuz it is a matter of discipline and every1 should be given an even hand. But I hope that this is not the
        problem.He was facing some neck problem already even before the SriLankan series and the collision with M.Nazir(the umpire)on ground added much to it.(remember that he left the crease after the incident and was with a collar after that and because of the same reason he was not selected for the last test.and same reason now.
        But I am worried about Azhars future.He is such a nice OD player.Moreover Wasims inclusion is not confirmed it is subject to his fitness. I wonder why Arshad Khan is given priority over Mushtaq Ahmed Arshad is not a better spinner than him.(not even anywhere closer) Similarly Amir has been ignored while a louzy player like Wasti has been selected.He is not a good batsman at all.Why are they giving him chances I'm unable to understand?He was not selected in the test side where he belongs and is now selected For Sharjah.Wow! I'm surprised.


          I hope Anwar's exclusion has to do with only his injury. Even so, he's undoubedly THE best batsman ever to play in Sharjah.

          Wasti is a surprise, as he has almost no foot movement; very weak quality against the SA attack. But what's even more shocking is Mohammed Naveed ahead of Aamir Shoail.
          Granted, Sohail perfromed below par in the recent series but he's too good a player to be axed in this manner.If the understanding behind Mohd. Naveed's inclusion is his domestic runs, Aamir's domestic innings have been much more massive.


            Yo! tell you the truth there's something fishy going on..Injury?...hmmmmm!
            Vell afterall he's a great batsman and we do need him..I think!

            Mera Dil Hai 100% Pure Pakistani!xxxxxxx


              Undobtedly, Saeed Anwar is perhaps the most talented batsman Pakistan have at the moment. Paksitani cricket is crying out for a legendary batsman who can rescue Pakistan from crazy situations ad Javed Miandad did in Sharjah several years ago.

              However, if Anwar renounced his captaincy because of Miandads appointment as coach - he should be applauded. He is completely justified in such a move. As captain he should stand for what he feels in right. If he disagrees with Miandad this should not be a problem - he has made his protest. To drop him in reaction to this would be a pathetic move but one that is all too frequent an occurance in Paksitan.

              Let us hope that internal politics will once and for all be eradicated from Pakistani cricket so that we may once again reach the dizzy heights of 1992.



                First of all, Saeed has not been dropped.
                He's pulled out of the Sharjah squad on his own. He did suffer a neck injury in the 2nd test which caused him a lot of pain and forced him to wear a neck brace. However, he also had trouble with his Knee. An MRI sqan showed that he needed urgent treatment, and possibly even surgery.

                As far as Saeed quitting the Captaincy goes.
                I believe he did the right thing. I still
                feel he is the best man to lead the side
                after Wasim Akram. However, throughout the series against Sri Lanka, the so-called senior players pulled out pretending to be injured or ( as in the case of Wasim and Saqlain (as well Waqar in the first innings at Peshawar) ) - said they were fit yet did not bowl during the match and spent the majority of the time in the dressing room.

                I dont know if any of you know Saeed. But I've had the pleasure of meeting him on quite a few occasions. And if there's one player in the current side who's man of honour and integrity - its Saeed Anwar. I think Saeed
                felt let down by the attitude of his team
                mates as well as the PCB who kept hinting that Saeed was a stop-gap Captain till Moin Khan grew some balls to take over the side.

                So, thats the reason he quit. Saeed never
                lobbied for the Captaincy, and he doesent dream about it at night. He's a simple uncomplicated person who just plays for Pakistan..not for himself.

                He'll return to the side when he's fit.
                But frankly, Pakistan does not deserve
                someone like him. They really..dont.


                Believe In Angels.



                  Sir Godfather,

                  What I think is that coach is appointed by the board not by the captain.and it is the coach and selection team which decides the team players and then pick a captain from them.
                  So if a player or a captain is arguing on the appointment of coach or some other official,it should be seen as some indiscipline as the capt.has no right to do so.
                  What actually happens in cricket all over the world is that a board appoints a selection team and a coach.That selection team and coach decide the squad and from the players decided a capt is picked(that too by selectors and coch)For final 11 the coach and capt.sit together and decide and the selectors have nothing to do about it.
                  But what is being practised in Pakistan is that first a capt is picked and then the team players are decided or better to say erected around him.which should not be the case.
                  A player however great he might be should be dealt accordingly.Otherwise they'll become Khalifaas.Look at the Australian and SA team.They drop a big name easily if he's not performing well.
                  One more point,I don't think the team needs Saeed more than Miandad as Saeed himself is playing bad as the ball going outside the off-stump has become his weak pt and every1 knows that.Look at the previous records most of the time saeed goes to pavilion as a result of playing a poor shot and gifting a simple catch to Slip position or to the WK.
                  Therefore thae young batsmen in the team (and there are many now) as well as Saeed badly need the guidance of Miandad.
                  Miandad is the geatest batsmen Pakistan ever had and Saeed should respect him.Saeed has no right to say something about Miandad.
                  This practise should be checked other wise seeing this nogood coach will come to join Pak team(as many foreign coaches have already refused PCB offer on same grounds)
                  Look how many coaches have come and gone because of these KHALIFA Playesrs.
                  One more thing winning a few matches(world cup) doesn't mean that some team is good and the other not.Pakistan didn't perform well in 92-cup but still were able to win it.
                  But they played extremely well throughtout the99 cup and were mostly feared by all but did everything wrong in final.this doesnot make them a bad team.Statitially pakistan is the n0 1 team of 99.(acc to Cricinfo statistics)Moreover they were awrded as the best team 0f 96 and they didn't win the cup.
                  I hope you get what I'm trying to say.
                  Sorry it was veeerrry looonggg!!
                  This is only because I tried to touch every side,.



                    Well I think Saeed is not good as capt at all.His previous tenure as capt was a complete disaster like this one.Its good to learn that you know Saeed but a good player and a good nice man might not be a good
                    capt.Moreover he completely lost his form as a batsman whenever he is made capt(like Sachin)
                    What you said about wasim,I don't think is true. AS for such stupid thing as captaincy he'll never put his record at stake as all of us know that these 3 matches meant a lot to waseem.He played well under saeeds captaincy in ODs.He in the 1st test pl;yed brilliantly in the test match and tried his best to turn the game,he was injured and batting with a runner.
                    He is a legend.It is not that pakistanis say or Iam saying itn is what the whole world says.Every big name in batting is afraid of him(Sachin and Lara are quoted many times saying that)
                    The winning % of Pakistan under wasim's captaincy is 55% which is one of the best.
                    He is named as best capt alongwith Steven Waugh and Hansie Cronjie.
                    And legends like him never care about such things as they know what they are!




                      Before you compare Saeed's Captaincy record with anyone else's you need to look at the
                      team's that were playing under him.
                      Saeed has NEVER had a team under him that can be considered a full strength Pakistan side.
                      Every time he's led the side, he's had to lead an injured side missing key players, or he's been given charge when Pakistan has just come back from a desaster tour. So, check the stats - Saeed's ability as a Captain should not be measured with should be measured with how he led the team on the filed, his bowling changes, field placements and his own form. During his first stint, he was given the Captaincy when he was out of form. This time, his form did not suffer.
                      He was the second highest run getter for Pakistan in the series against SL, just a little below I Ul Haq.

                      Finally,as regards Saeed "supposedly weak outside off stump". Thats a ridiculous assumption. Saeed plays the cover drive & the square drive better than anyone else in the Pak team. He's also a strong back foot player who can cut and pull with power and timing.
                      If you've played cricket, you'd know that playing the cut shot is one of most difficult shots to master, particularly against spinners yet Saeed does that better than anyone else Ive ever seen.

                      Experts like Sunil Gavaskar,Ian Chappell,Imran Khan,Richie Benaud consider him the best opener in the world and as exciting and good a player as Brian Lara.
                      I think those people know more about cricket that you or me for that matter.

                      These so-called experts in Pakistan who've played a half dozen test matches between them keep jumping on Saeed for getting out caught in the slips. What they fail to realize is that he's not one of the Mohammad brothers - meaning he doesent block for hours. Saeed
                      is an attacking player who goes for his shots. Sometimes he doesent pick up the
                      leg cutter and ends up getting caught behind.
                      Fine. He still scores more runs that any of those so-called experts would dream about scoring in their entire lifetime.

                      Btw, Saeed has never spoken a word about Miandad or anyone else. Miandad is no angel. He got thrown out by the players while Wasim was the Captain. Saeed has NEVER said anything negative about Miandad or anyone else. Like I said before, he is a man of character and integrity.

                      As for Wasim - His ability as a cricketer has never been questioned. I only question his commitment. Simple.

                      My apologies for the long post.


                        first of all thanx to Mania X (mera bhai) for his very nice and accurate analysis of the situation going around paki team!

                        there is no point questioning whether SAEED BHAI was a appropriate leader or not because if the players refuse to play under him then he cant go out ther alone and do the work 11 players do together!

                        I reckon saeed bhai is very nice and decent bloke and very few of pakis would have got thru time saeed did being so quite and peaceful for his country!

                        SAEED BHAI u r the legend and u will always be!!
                        long live saeed

                        as for team's position rightnow i think as far as paki players agree to respect middan bhai they will be sweet!
                        hope wasim dont again start getting bothered by middan's precense in the dressing room!

                        I love akram myself but can not figure out at times what he is trying to do!!

                        laterz guys
                        and remmember we gotta stick to our team in good or bad!

                        cheerios and eid mubarak

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                        Mārika-e-wujud main Badr-o-Hunayn bhi hay ishq


                          Well, well, well dear. Saeed is a good batsman but he can't be included in the list of world class batsmen like Miandad, Indian little master , pak little master,zaheer, bradmen and tendulkar. Even Imran didn't pick him for a simple reason that he gets mad when the bowler bowls a few good deliveries. Instead of ignoring the good deliveries he tries to put them out of the ground.Sometims he is successful but sometimes he leaves his team in an odd situation.
                          Openers are there to build a strong innings but inspite of that he never try to lay down a solid foundation. Instead of settling down and chasing the target he just try to play some crack shots and increase the run rate and gets out early leaving the team in terrible conditions.The situation gets even worst when chasing a big total.What pak openers try to do is to increase the run rate far high from the required and in this attempt they just lose the way.(like in the World Cup99 while chasing the Indian total Pak.openers fired their guns from the very beginning and as every1 knows that they ran out of ammunition. They should have done the same way as Australia did in the semis.They played softly and steadily and in the last fired the engine.
                          In Ods too Waseem was the top scorer in Pak team while these big names in batting were lagging behind.
                          About his form, he has not playes many impressing innings after his 194.
                          (just a few).He plays good shots all the time he is in crease but the problem is that he leaves early. He was far away from Tendulkar in centuries but now look where Tendulkar is and Saeed is wandering or better to say wondering at the same position.He is totally lost now.(and to over up he needs the guidance of Miandad.)
                          About field placing, both BBC and CRICinfo reported that the field placement is not upto the mark and at some places below average.
                          About being in conflicts: In the row between Miandad and teams seniors players before World Cup Saeeds name topped the list.

                          Waseems behaviour is also strange towards Miandad and its not good but hes a good player.Saeed is also a player of class and at present he can be regarded as best batsmen in the team(Youhana is also joining him)
                          And as you say he is a very nice man(saeed),quite and reasonable--so,thats it such people don't have the ability to lead.They can never be good leaders.
                          I tried to look at the things from every nook.and now all of us are looking forward to Sharjah .lets hope that our team performs well.(as the indians and sa are looking in form)



                            Sardar Bhai,

                            Salamz - & thank you.

                            Pak will have a tough time in Sharjah because the Indians are playing very well and Pak has always had a pathetic records against the South Africans. Plus, they`ll be without Saeed and Wasim.


                            What you're saying doesent really make sense but then Im looking at it as someone who has played the game, and you seem to be a fan with plenty of enthusiasm but little knowledge about the game itself. This is not an insult..just my opinion. You`re entitled to your views, just like else.
                            Finally, in closing...You`re wrong about Imran Khan. This is a statement from Imran Khan made during 1998 Series against Australia.

                            "Anwar is the best batsman in this team right now. He's a class player and he has all the shots in the book. I rate him right up with Brian Lara. Both are tremendous talents".

                            Imran Khan.


                              take it easy weteyes!
                              Saeed Bhai even played aussie attack better then any indian batter did in australia!

                              you could easily see that aussie bowlers had weaknesses worked out for every paki batters but saeed bhai got the better of aussie bowlers and played some gems!

                              saeed bhai's fitness is not highest and thats what is causing some probz warna saeed bhai rocks and we need another saeed bhai!

                              yaar what u guys think about wasti!
                              i think he is not bad! richie benaud reckoned that WASTI IS GOING TO SCORED MANY CENTURIES IN TEST CUZ HE HAS EFFECTIVE TECHNIQUE!
                              and some1 said upthere that Wasti doesn't have a footwork!!!!!!!!!!

                              i think he is not too bad!
                              and has potential! only if he gets his stomach in........

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