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Javed Miandad accepts offer to coach Pakistan

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    Javed Miandad accepts offer to coach Pakistan

    Former captain Javed Miandad said on Wednesday he had accepted an offer to coach Pakistan for four months, including the tour of West Indies, after the end of the present three-test series against Sri Lanka.

    Miandad was quoted on the Dawn website as saying Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Lieutenant-General Tauqeer Zia had offered him the job he held for eight months in 1998/99.

    ``I am grateful to the PCB chairman who expressed faith in me. As far as I am concerned, my services to the game and country are known to everyone so it is a needless question as to what I would like to do in this term,'' he said.

    Miandad takes over from Intikhab Alam who became the fifth Pakistan coach in 1999 when he was appointed for a tri-nations limited overs series in Australia in January. Pakistan were beaten by Australia in the final.

    Miandad, 43, was made coach in September 1998 but resigned in April 1999, shortly before the World Cup, after a rift with the players. He played 124 tests for Pakistan between 1977 and 1993, 34 as captain.

    During his four-month contract, Pakistan play six tests and more than 20 one-day internationals in Sharjah, West Indies and Sri Lanka. Pakistan lost the first test against Sri Lanka by two wickets in Rawalpindi on Wednesday after losing a test series against Australia 3-0 in November.

    ``The team had a very difficult time over the last six weeks or so. But the way we fought back on the fourth day at Rawalpindi -- I am confident that we are clawing our way back.

    ``I don't want any long-term assurances from the board. In the last two weeks I have had pep talks with the players and tried to help them overcome their problems,'' Miandad said.

    ``I was not the coach but still felt my responsibility to assist the players struggling for form.''

    Miandad resigned in April 1999 following disagreements with a number of players including Saeed Anwar who now captains Pakistan.


    At Last the board has made a good decision.

    well! yes
    if you call a stupid decision a good decision well then in that case it's a good one otherwise it is stupid

    Dear A486,

    Please refrain from launching personal attacks on members.

    If you have an opinion regarding the matter being discussed then kindly stick to expressing it.

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      This is a great news n I'm very happy....

      Minadad is the BEST!!!

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        Thats super! brought a smile to me!* and another one.

        Mera Dil Hai 100% Pure Pakistani!xxxxxxx


          Middan bhai = supa class legend!

          Dear ramesha,

          Kindly refrain from launching personal attacks on members.

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          "Verily, I am leaving behind two precious things among you: the Book of God and my kindred, my household..(Sahi Muslim, Hadith Thaqalayn is narrated by thirty plus Companions of the Prophet)


            Miandad is a legend for sur but we are not talking baout that here . we are talking about the decision PCB has made . If he had to quit when saeed was n't the captain , now how can they get along with each other when he is captian . It was a very simple point .

            saeed Anwer = legend
            Miandad = legend
            Miandad + Saeed Anwer = desaster

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              A486 chill out man, u can make a point with out getting abusive. So what is your point?


                Cut out the abuse.
                Got something to say? Say it without foul language or lose your post.




                  cant we all just get along


                    Thank you moderator, about time too.


                      O! yes Ehsan you are so kool



                        sorry about the delay buddy.


                        you wanna start something again mister?


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                              Pathan Bhai
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