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Can the Prince remain undefeated?

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    Can the Prince remain undefeated?

    Hi there everyone,

    If any of you have been watching TV, then you will now that Prince Naseem is set to have a fight. I have noticed that Naseem, is not in the best form, he doesnt fight like before I mean look at some of the fights he has had with people like Kevin Kelly, he has also stopped showing off as much also. Could this be because he left his trainer, Brendon Ingle, or money has got to his head? His opponent is very good and has already made a name for himself, and believe I have seen him in action but at this moment in time have forgotten his name, but I feel that Naz is going to have some trouble beating this man. What are your opinions on this matter, if there are any boxing fans out there?

    I agree. Last couple of Naseem's fights that I've watched made me believe that one of these days he will got beat.
    And why not? Oscar eventuallylost his first fight against Trinidad?

    But Prince's behaviour is also not exemplary. He seemed to have so much pride.