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Pakistan Want Boycott

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    Pakistan Want Boycott

    Pakistan are to approach Geoff Boycott with a view to the former England batsman taking over as their new coach.
    Pakistan Cricket Board operations manager Yawar Saeed says his country want to hire a foreign coach in the wake of the team's recent poor showings.

    Pakistan were beaten 3-0 in the Test series by Australia, were whitewashed 2-0 in the finals of the tri-series Down Under and routed by Sri Lanka 3-0 in the one-day series at home.

    "We have decided to talk to either England's former Test player Geoffrey Boycott or South African Barry Richards in the next couple of days," said Saeed.

    "Once the talks are finalised the coach will be given the assignment before the Sharjah Cup next month."


    Any comments? I personally think the appointment of Boycott will be good for Pakistan's cricket.

    Boycott will be a good choice. He has always been very supportive of Pak cricket and he knows his stuff. Richards would also be a good choice.


      Pakistan has been trying to get Boycott for years and every time he refuses and he has every right to do so. Look at the way we
      treat our own coaches. We hire them and
      fire them with no second thoughts. I personally would not like to see Boycott take up the assignment because he was a great cricketer and he's an even greater commentator. And when there's another change in the PCB, and some new hot shot comes in..the first thing he'll do is fire Boycott.
      And I dont think Geoff Boycott is dumb enough to put himself in an embarassing situation like that.
      As for Barry Richards...after what we did to Pybus? Please! Richards isent going anywhere!

      Believe In Angels.



        Both "X's" have pinpointed it out.

        Boycott is definitely a superb choice for an international coach. He's well versed, and like Imran Khan can spot talent when he sees it.
        But he's an admirer of pakistan cricket, not the way its handled.


          Boycott earns lot of money in commentary.. will he take up coaching?



            isent it intersting that wasim akram always gets injured when he's playing under another captain?


              And waste precious foreign reserves no way! Imran Khan should be the new coach!