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Wasim Sets His Sights On Record

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    Wasim Sets His Sights On Record

    Wasim Akram has set his sights on Kapil Dev's Test wicket record after announcing his decision to step down as Pakistan captain.
    The 33-year-old all-rounder - who has made way for Saeed Anwar - said he wanted to shed the pressure of captaincy to concentrate on overhauling Kapil's tally of 434 Test wickets. Wasim's all-time wicket haul is 383.

    "I have had enough of it, the pressures of captaincy and its time now I give more time to my son and my family," Wasim said.

    "I want to concentrate on the world record of most wickets in Test cricket.

    "I think I can better his record as well as Courtney Walsh's."

    West Indian paceman Walsh is only 11 shy of Kapil's tally.

    Wasim is the only bowler to have taken 400 wickets in one-day internationals.

    "I think as a player I can perform with a relaxed frame of mind and it is now time to develop a new captain with the eyes set on the 2003 World Cup," said Wasim, speaking for the first time since returning from his country's losing tour of Australia.

    "I can't rule out myself from the 2003 World Cup but it's too early to say.

    "My decision has no negative points nor am I physically drained or ill," Wasim said, refuting claims that diabetes had affected his health. I have been playing with diabetes for two to three years and have performed well, so there is nothing in it," he said.

    Will Akram become the first player in the hisory of cricket to acheive the double of 400 wickets in both the tests and ODI? Will he break Kapil's record? Comments please.

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    Despite being past his prime,
    he is still our best bowler.

    How long he will remain so is

    The PCB will continue to select him
    until he breaks the record regardless
    of whether or not he is the best option.

    Still, I hope he earns his spot on
    the team and contributes with bat
    and ball until his retirement.

    Hopefully he can get some more
    centuries and bring his batting
    average above his bowling average.


      I'm sure he will break Kapil's record withen two year time, I just hope they would let him.


        He needs around 50 odd wickets to overhaul Kapil's record. That will require around 12 to 15 tests. If he keeps himself fit for another 2-3 years & if the board thinks he's good enough, he'll do it. Everybody wants him to do it.


          Unless he becomes unbelievably crap,
          the board will select him, because
          the record would bring prestige
          to Pakistani cricket.

          People always talk of Lillee and Marshall,
          but if and when Was retires as the leading
          wickettaker in both forms of cricket and
          as the first to do the double of 400 wickets
          in both forms, he will be remembered along-
          side them as the best to ever play the game.


            I think Wasim Akram among many other players, are extremely talented. I know some people who just keep saying that Wasim Akram should not be playing! But I think Wasim is in pretty good condition, the way he plays, to be playing international cricket. I mean, just look at his age then look at his capability!
            The team need him, whether he is a captain or not, I think he may be one, who holds the team together, in one way.
            He is also quite good, for not getting uncontrolable when the match fixing allegations were launched all over the papers. I personally believe that they were innocent. But in Pakistan it is a different story, as many people claim to have strong proof/evidence against them.
            But I think this happens in anger. I think we shoyld all remember, that not all teams have games coming there way. At the moment Australia are playing well. There will be someone to top it up sooner or later. And then there will be another unbeatable team. It is all a matter of time!!!

            Dosti pyar ke saat payda hoyee thi

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