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NBA Slam Dunk Contest

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    NBA Slam Dunk Contest

    Was Vince Carter sick, or what? I've seen every dunk in the book until Mr. Carter took stage. I can't write anymore. I'm in utter shock at what he can do.

    Aint he half man half amazing .. Rest of them really sucked din they ??

    except for Francis and mcgrady's one dunk

    Well for Carter he could have done even more on the last attempt ... i know it since i get to see him on regular basis in air canada centre



      MR yaar... how've ya been buddy...

      Carter was amazing and he was right when after his second attempt he said...
      "Its over man!... its over!" hehe...

      Frankly, he made Jordan look like
      "oh yeah... hmph!... "
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        Francis and McGrady were awesome. They would win in any other contest, but unfortunaely for them, Carter showed up. After Carter's performance I almost stopped breathing. He is a sick, sick man and he should be outlawed from competing for the title again! If he does these types of things I might die. He would seriously give Jordan run for his money.