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ICC bars Akhtar from tests against Sri Lanka

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    ICC bars Akhtar from tests against Sri Lanka

    Shoaib Akhtar, barred from test cricket because of a suspect bowling action, will not be allowed to return for Pakistan's forthcoming test series against Sri Lanka.

    International Cricket Council (ICC) President Jagmohan Dalmiya said the decision of the council's panel that found Akhtar's action incorrect would be reviewed by an executive board meeting in Singapore on Wednesday and Thursday. The ICC's cricket committee is to meet on Tuesday.

    "We are not looking at the technicality of the issue, rather the procedural part of it," Dalmiya said.

    "The ICC is fully behind the panel which found Akhtar's delivery action incorrect. We are only going to review the procedural part as found incorrect by Pakistan."

    Pakistan has claimed that the panel which found Akhtar's bowling action incorrect lacked the required minimum number to take a decision.

    Akhtar was banned by the ICC on December 30 but Dalmiya reversed the decision on January 8.

    Akhtar was allowed to play limited-overs cricket but his return to test matches is subject to clearance by an advisory panel.

    Akhtar, whose bowling action was questioned during a test series in Australia last year, was allowed to play in a triangular limited-overs tournament involving Pakistan, India and Australia.

    The ICC permitted that on the ground that bouncers, the delivery identified by the ICC's committee on illegal bowling actions as Akhtar's most contentious, were not allowed in one- day matches.


    Shoaib's action might need correction but without a shadow of doubt the ICC committee members need a brain transplant.

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    There is nothing wrong with his action. Dennis Lillee has said as much. It's all crap.


      That's how he normally bowls..I mean look he's a very fast bowler so how can you tell that his action is wrong when he goes at that speed..It's he's normal cation, that's how he's always you said Ehsan they do need a brain transplant!.

      It's all racist crap!
      Wy do they bring up now, not in the world cup...he was bowling the same then!


      Mera Dil Hai 100% Pure Pakistani!xxxxxxx


        What the ICC are using as fodder is specially edited videos of the flick at the end-stride of some of his shorter deliveries, funny though, every second bowler in the world does it.


          hahahah and you ppl bought it

          bachoooo thats not the whole story

          shoaib is being used as a cover by ahem ahem our some respected cricketers and their upper hands

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