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Pakistan v Sri-Lanka Test Matches!

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    Pakistan v Sri-Lanka Test Matches!

    Huh! now they are going to play SL in pakistan....not far away you know!. 1st there are going to be 3 ODIs then the 3 test matches will be played...some performance from our dear team!....I'm pretty sure they'll do well against SL.

    1st test- Rawalpindi
    2nd Test-Peshawar
    3rd Test-Karachi

    Do ya think they'll win or not??

    Mera Dil Hai 100% Pure Pakistani!xxxxxxx

    Pakistan will crush Sri Lanka.


    Oz beat us,
    because we're uncomfortable
    on their wickets and they
    are a disciplined outfit
    strong in the fundamentals of
    fielding, fitness and running.

    Sri Lanka will be playing
    us at home. Their fielding
    isn't much better than ours
    and we're miles ahead in terms
    of talent.

    We thrashed them in the Asian Test

    It's just a shame Was can't play.
    He might have become the only
    bowler to have 3 test hattricks.

    His absence will give us an opportunity
    to try out bowler of the Under-19 World
    Cup Zahid Saeed who is also a left arm
    fast bowler.

    Abdur Razzaq will also make the most
    of his 2nd, 3rd and 4rth test caps.


      Pakistan will beat Sri Lanka, and hopefully Moin will be the captain.