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Kick Akram OUT>>>>>

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    Kick Akram OUT>>>>>

    I've got a simple solution for all this **** paki team is putting up...we've had enuf of akram lifting the boyz up to the occasions, greedily only when he wants to. rest of the game we just pethetic **** bag team with no one having guts to stay on wicket for 20 mins.

    Fu**ing kick akrams butt outta country and let him go to channel four for his fu**ing commentery. Kick Ijaz, Inzamam out. Bring Hasan Raza in.

    All punjabi batters suxxxxx cuz whole world knows they lack brains and karachi has always produced world class batters. so board shuld have batters from khi with some brian and technique and have youhana at #3 and have punjab bowling cuz they r naturally JUTT!


    couldn't agree more. history tells that Karachi has more batting and punjab side has more bowlers.

    Have Anwar or Saqlain as captain and Moin as deputy. Chuck akram out for god sakeee
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      I think hasan Raza shuld join in for sure along with experienced Asif Mujtaba!
      Moin would make a good new captain with saqlain or Akram as his deputy!
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        I really think time has come for Akram to step aside. This dude has failed miserably as a captain. I didn't blame him for the world cup, I didn;t even put all the blame on him for test losses, but the losses in the traingular series represent a flaw in his captaincy.

        The batting in the top order has plagued pakistan and how can this problem be not rectified? Instead, he opted to put Gung-Ho Afridi to open. Even if Ijaz scored big a few times in this tour, he's not someone to depend on. Nor is Inzi!

        and Pathan Mian:

        You're a real idiot!! Thats all! What does sect have to do with playing cricket? Huh? don't bring politics into sports like those other morons at PCB have. You've seen the results!


          excuse me but that wasnt nice pathan
          when they play good you are all up and away and a little loss and you go on abusing them

          kher no need to kick anybody out Wasim Akram is retiring anyways ......he gave a hint in his speech after the game

          the problem with the pak side team is that they dont have a cricket academy
          they should definitely open a cricket academy in pakistan where boys/girls can enrol for better training

          eg if you see Bret lee and Shoaib Akhtar
          the only difference bw the two is that Brett attended the academy and thats how he is skilled in bowling a fast one with skills where as though akhtar is a good player but his skills arent polished

          along with circket they should aslo teach english so that the players are comfortable overseas

          btw did you see the bike razzaq got

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            Instead of blaming, let's make some suggestion. Our top order has failed miserably time and again including Saeed Anwar. What is the answer? Who are the obvious replacements? I have read above names like Amir and even Mujtaba, no new blood. Seems the cupboard is empty as far as new batting talent goes. Making Moin the captain will be a good start. A good captain can acheive results with a mediocre team as well. Remember Imran, did that in the 80's.



              It's amazing how we tend to call for Wasim's blood every time we lose a tournament. Nobody seems to remember that this guy took a team which suffered the indignity of losing at home to Sri Lanka,South Africa,Australia, and Zimbabwe over the space of 1 cricket year!
              He took that team around..and won the test and one day series in India, The Sharjah Cup on 2 occasions, the Toronto tournament, and got to the world cup final. It's not Wasim's fault if his batsmen start pissing in their pants the moment they see an Australian coming in to bowl to them. With the exception of the second final, Wasim has bowled brilliantly and batted extremely well when required. The fault lies with the batsmen who seem to be intimidated by the Aussies.

              Wasim is the best bet as Captain. He needs
              to drop Inzamam and Ijaz. Bring in a couple of youngsters. And even though Im a huge fan of his...I also think Saeed Anwar should be
              dropped for a few games cos he's beginning to slack off. Nobody, no matter how good he is, should start to feel that their place in the side is safe no matter how good a player he may be.

              Ps.. Moin will never make a good long term
              Captain. He's a fighter but he cannot lead from the front like Akram or Anwar.


                Well I think you have a point as far as Akram is concerned. His interviews are a bit worrying. He seems to have developed a bit of a phobia about the Aussie team and you don't have much chance of winning if you don't believe you can. I remember Imran always used to rubbish the opposition and as a result we used to beat better sides regularly. If Wasim is now saying that Aussie aggression is causing Pakis a problem then it is not the right way to go about it.

                Reminds me of the 70's cricketers who when they toured England used to tell a young Imran that if he edged the ball he shouldn't bother looking behind as the English never dropped catches.

                As for the comment about Karachi batters...well fine. If there are better batsmen then play them. But there is no guarantee that because they come from karachi they will perform better on the pitch. Rizwan uz Zaman is a prime example.

                Hasan Raza is a skinny kid who hasn't got the power to take command of a match. Mohd Waseem should be playing. The best batter from Karachi was Basit Ali who was a fantastic player but he let himself down badly when playing for Pakistan. He should have been the best batsmen playing for our team.

                Otherwise keep comments about punjabis or Sindhis out of this forum. Players should be there on merit not depending where they come from.