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Australia win by 6 wickets

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    Australia win by 6 wickets

    After yet another inept and pathetic batting display by our top batsman, Australia hammered their advantage and romped home by 6 wickets. Well played Australia.

    Australian Performance
    Pakistan Performance

    Any conspiracy theories as to match fixing, bribery, night clubs etc.

    Let's just accept the better team won.

    abey yaar ehsan come on!!!

    everytime pak lose u just say that better team won!

    I agree but why the hell is Inzi stuck to important #4 if he is going to get out similar way after one game and other and other!

    where the hell is Mohd Wasim!!!who handles McGrath superbly in tests and got 91 on the Perth wicket where the bounce was more then anywhereelse!!

    where the hell is Wasti, who by technique is far FAR better then Ijaz!
    Oh god!!! help pakistan for the 2nd finals!

    if we put on same sorta effort then even miracle wont be enuf to get us thru for sure!
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      I agree with you, but unfortunately I have got nothing to do with the selection committee. But on the evidence and the team selected to play you agree that the better team won. After this performance I revise my previous prediction that Australia will win 2-1, I now think they will wrap it up on Friday. I will be delighted if I am proved wrong. Our own incompetence or incorrect selection of players should not take away anything from a very professional win by Australia.


        Deja Vu?


          Really !!!!!!!!!!! You do appreciate the match was against Oz and not India.


            appreciate what?


              Mene woh rubbish match dekha tah...aur kya batting tah, Pakistan are thrashed once again by the Ozezzzzz!.

              I have no faith left and I don't see why there is a 2nd final needed, since they are gonna lose AGAIN!.

              I'll be more thanm suprise if they win though!

              You guyz now, think I'm a weirdoww...don't you???????

              Mera Dil Hai 100% Pure Pakistani!xxxxxxx


                Inzi is a superb player but his lazy movements will always provide the quick ozzies with an easy picking.

                His shot selection square of the wkt has been terrible all tour. Not bringing in M.Wasim in his place, even after 10+ failed innings was a severe management flaw.

                Surprise,suprise. A big chink of the toal was off Moin's bat. What a fighter he is, unlike the top order, who just can't seem to leave the swinging ball outside the off alone.



                  It's because of these silly selections that Pakistan's batting has become such a joke.
                  You've got Afridi opening on tracks where he's clearly uncomfortable and then you've got that fat,lazy,over-rated Allu..Inzamam who seems to be the only player in the Pak team along with Ijaz, who can never be dropped despite performing worst that Shoaib Akhter with the bat!
                  Anyway, if Pakistan get M.Wasim to play in place of Haq, it may help..but quite frankly..I think Aus is gonna wrap things up tomorrow..pretty easily.

                  Selectors need to bring back Sohail to open with Saeed Anwar.
                  Drop Inzamam.
                  Bring in M.Wasim
                  Drop Ijaz.
                  Bring in Imran Nazir or one of the Under 19 boys.

                  Oh ya..and finally..they need to stop this silly **** about changing Wasim as Captain.


                    Well, well, well....
                    That was really disaster stuff. I agree that Pak team is unpredictable. But here we can blame to the Board and management. I don't know why they still keep matter he played brilliant innings before. But this is totally silliness that even we have very good batsman and feilders who can replace him, are not given a chance. Inzi is "bojh" on himself and "bojh" on the team.

                    Ausies are really a perfect and hard team to be beaten. Strong reliable batting line-up and strong bowling line-up.......gash

                    Well..see what we do in the 2nd Final.
                    Good luck to the team.

                    C ya...
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                      there aint nothing wrong with Inzie acha
                      just he has been hit by some badluck
                      did you see that catch
                      damn if there was a rope boundary it would have been a six

                      kher i was at the dinner given in their honour and ahem ahem well lets say it wasnt what i expected

                      so who is going to be at the SCG .....maybe we can join the forces in naraa baazi

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                        Anchal --- AAp australia ki konsi state mein hein aaur email kiya hay ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????
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                          Anchal jee...
                          I couldn't get the ticket My friends are now trying to get the ticket at the stadium..might be some one sell the black tickets. If Pakistan win today then for sure will be there in the 3rd final. If u can help me...then drop me a mail. Will appreciate it

                          C ya
                          It is my belief that our salvation lies in following the golden rules of conduct set for us by our great law-giver, the Prophet of Islam. (Quaid-e-Azam Speech at Shahi Darbar, Sibi, February 14, 1948)


                            Sardar ji
                            jis state main final ho raha hay usi main hoon

                            i know i tried to get the tickets to the aus and pak match before and they were all sold out
                            so i jumped to the finals not knowing who would be playing it could have been india and aus too

                            Pakistan has to win today it has to has to and nothing else
                            Shafiq have you tried ticketek ?

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