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Selection and match plan for the WS Finals

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    Selection and match plan for the WS Finals

    Ramesha talked about the poor batting plan of Pakistan cricket team so far. I agree, but I think some of it is b/c we are slightly unbalanced as a team. At the mo we are playing with only 4 frontline batsmen (Saeed, Afridi, Youhanna and Inzi). Even Afridi is really a slogger allrounder so we are relying on the other 3 to make big scores. I know Razzaq, Mahmood, Wasim and Moin can bat but they are really allrounders more suited to playing at the end of an innings. These sort of players (with the exception of Moin) find it difficult to work the ball around for singles and end up slogging and getting out instead.

    With Waqar coming back it is even more of a problem.

    Aussie batting is very deep and well balanced and with Mcgill and Brett Lee adding venom to their bowling they are looking stronger than ever. We can match them bowling wise, but our batting is not up there. I would be happier if Mohd Wasim or Wasti were playing instead of one of the bowlers. (Wasti should only play down the order as against the new ball he has no chance in Aus).

    Mormally I would have taken Waqar out but he bowled beautifully against India. As it is I think the only change will be Razzaq in for Mahmood and I can't really see any alternatives. We'll just have to hope our top order come off but it puts them under a lot of pressure. Best way is to play with less risk at the start and let the big hitters do it in the last 15 overs. Afridi looked solid enough defensively in last couple of games but always looks like getting out when he tries to slog. Better just to play the support role to Anwar who can find the gaps better.

    Yeah I agree, an unchanged team except for Razzaq coming in for Mehmood since Waqar bowled well. And hope the top order bats well into near the 30-35 mark.

    This may sound a bit odd, but if Inzi performs poorly in match 1, he may well be replaced by perhaps M.Wasim. He has played very, very poorly all tour.