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What's your favourite cricket ground (s)?

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    What's your favourite cricket ground (s)?

    Not sure what minez is, but lets see you peoplez! k: k: k:

    Mera Dil Hai 100% Pure Pakistani!xxxxxxx


    Pakistan rules there.

    both of Wasim's hattricks and
    one hattrick plus the best bowling
    analysis for a Pak bowler in ODIs
    courtesy of Aqib Javed

    the last ball six by Javed Miandad
    against India to win Pakistan it's
    first tournament of any kind in cricket

    the tied match against Sri Lanka
    when they were initially 157 for 1
    chasing our 196 all out
    Razzaq took 4 wickets in 13 balls for 3 runs
    in the last few overs.


      From the ones I have personally visited:

      Melbourne, Australia. Beautiful ground.

      Edgbaston, Birmingham, England.



        Definitely MCG and the Oval for an entertaining 5-days of cricket.

        Although, nothing beats the atmosphere at Sharjah. The noise, the excitment and keenly-fought mathces it always generates and of course, good 'ol 'Baba-ji' in his green n white. Its what OD cricket was meant to be.



          Easily...the Qadaffi Stadium in Lahore. The Day/Night games out there are just amazing.

          The M.C.G...Ive never been there but it looks fantastic.

          Karachi..The Karachi crowd is so cricket-crazy that you cant help getting excited when you walk through the gates and hear ppl screaming like mad.


          Believe In Angels.



            mine would have to be "Akhroot da Niswaar STadium"

            Now you all must be thinking where the hell that is!!!

            so lads listen up!
            its situated in Northern Terrotory of afghanistan where its capicity is 200 thousand and thats the best cricket stadium by far then any of yours sleazy MCG's Pem CG's.......

            the only problems is that we get Niswaar Breaks insted of tea break and we get Zarband Khencho, sakoon pao break insted of the drinks break

            Like u guys have only 2,000 car parks at the MCG but at this niswaar da stadium we have 100,000 truck parks available....

            Let me know if any one has been to this flashiest stadium .....i doubt it though cuz u all r punjabis....and only pathans r allowed in.....

            Pathan Bhai



              Im a Sindhi.


                Ho hohohoh thats a beauty thats a ripper..

                OVAL the best ----- what a crowd HA HA HA

                --------------------BILL LAWRY---------------

                Please respect me --- Hum Pagluu
                "And those who oppress shall see what kind of outcome overturns them." [26:227] Al-Quran


                  lol Pathan Bhai n :0
                  "Verily, I am leaving behind two precious things among you: the Book of God and my kindred, my household..(Sahi Muslim, Hadith Thaqalayn is narrated by thirty plus Companions of the Prophet)